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Meeting the Boss

Posted on Sun Dec 4th, 2016 @ 12:03am by Lieutenant Thomas Mallory & Commander Sular Vivano

Mission: Shakedown
Location: CO's Ready Room, Bridge
Timeline: TBD

The ship felt empty to him. It wasn't just the overall size, which was huge, but also the lack of most crew with their being in spacedock. In spite of this, Thomas had meticulously checked over his uniform and appearance , double checked the padd with his orders, and walked out of the turbolift onto the bridge. Having reviewed what he could of the CO's record, Thomas was internally pleased that he wouldn't be the only taller and broader built person onboard, though he did get more looks in the red than the gold, most expected him to be in green. Observing the technicians and skeleton crew, he nodded to them and made his way over to the Ready Room door, and pressed the chime.

Sular sat at his desk drinking his coffee. He had the daily reports up on his console. The refit was going to schedule. He just wished they could speed it up a bit. He hated all this sitting and waiting. That was the tactical officer in him talking however. It usually meant you were a target. He would much rather be the hunter than the hunted. Since his promotion to first officer then to commanding officer, he had to curb that particular train of thought. No more gung ho into the breach. Hearing the chime he raised an eyebrow. There were no appointments that he was aware of today. He took another drink of his coffee. "Come"

Stepping into the room as the doors opened, Thomas literally marched with a military precision right up to the desk. Handing out the padd to be taken or not, Thomas also spoke in a clear, firm tenor that was at odds with his build. "Commader, my pardons for not scheduling an appointment. Lieutenant Mallory, Thomas. Assigned as Exeuctive Officer." Some of his prior department heads and CO's had commented that the he could try and loosen up on the formality, but growing up in the SFMC, protocol was too deeply drilled in to change.

Sular took the PaDD and looked it over with a raised eyebrow. He knew an XO had been assigned, but Starfleet had not said anything about an arrival time. Looking up from the PaDD he nodded to the man. "At ease Lieutenant." While Sular had not grown up with any knowledge of the marines he was a former tactical officer. He had a little bit of insight into the mindset. Most military types were alike in that aspect. He let out a slow breath. "Sit down Lieutenant. We should probably get a few things out of the way before you get your berth assignment from Ops."

Keeping his expression un-changed, he shifted stances when told, and then sat. Mentally, alarm bells were going off at the breath and then Sular's comment, and it wasn't a good thing. When he spoke, there was no indication of the mental disquiet. "Understood, Sir." Now he waited and wanted to see what was to happen, maybe he wasn't going to be here long after all and one of his classmates would win the bet.

Sular sat forward, leaning his elbows on the desk. He steepled his fingers under his chin as he looked directly at his new XO. I see you come from an engineering background. I'm a tactical officer by training. Also this is a Normandy-class ship. It was built primarily as a warship. With this combination of ship and CO that means I will not hesitate to enter a conflict if necessary. I won't go looking for a fight, but if one is brought to us...I will finish it. I trust that will not be a problem Lieutenant?"

Thomas didn't flinch or look away, but returned the direct look. As Sular finished his statement, Thomas broke protocol and smiled. For once, a CO that understood you sometimes had to fight. "My professional background is engineering, yes. My upbringing is that of the SFMC, so no, that will not be a problem at all, and is a relief, Sir."

He nodded and sat back. That had been the touchy part. He knew many Starfleet officers had an unhealthy aversion to conflict and confrontation. In a CO of a warship that was unacceptable and fatal for the crew of the ship. "Then we should get along just fine Lieutenant. No one knows exactly what we may run into out here. We can't run from everything. Nor would it be prudent to do so. Now coming from an engineering background will be helpful in your tasks of maintaining and dividing of the ship's resources. The ship will run on a standard three shift rotation unless we are in an emergency situation. In that case shift rotation will have to adjust to fit the situation. As for your personal might fit better on this ship then you realize. We have a full battalion of marines that will be on board as well as a full air group of starfighters." He stood up and held out his hand to Thomas. "Welcome aboard the Armageddon, Lieutenant."

He couldn't help it. He shuddered at the mention of the starfighters, engineering nightmare in the works. As Sular stood, Thomas did as well and took the hand in a firm shake. "Thank you, I look forward to this assignment, sir." He filed the rest of the information away in his head for later use. "Do we have a Chief Engineer onboard yet, sir?" As the CO, Thomas' training defaulted him to formal until otherwise told.

Sular shook his head. "The rest of the crew is still slowly filtering in. So far the only other senior officer on board is the chief flight officer. We do have an operations officer on board. The rest should hopefully be here by the time we are ready to depart." He gave a shrug mentally. He had no control over the arrivals. Though if the positions weren't filled by the time they left. Well needless to say it was going to make it an interesting trip.

"As you saw from my record, I can sub-in for Engineering as needed. Infact with no Chief at present, this question comes to you. On my last ships and even the base, I got permission to install remote transmitters and monitors that I could link into a central status board, more detailed than the normal display in Main Engineering. So long as the Chief doesn't say no once present, would you object to me installing a similar system here? I can if you want, show you the prior setup." Thomas asked Sular directly.

Sular raised an eyebrow. "If you believe it would be a benefit to the ship's resource allocation then that falls under your jurisdiction Lieutenant. Let me know when it's done." It would seem this XO had some initiative. That was good to see at least. There were some out there that wouldn't move so much as an inch without an order from their CO. "Check in with Ops and get your berth assignment and your gear stowed. I'd suggest getting familiar with the layout of the ship however before we go installing new systems."

"Already did all of that. Came in and walked the route the first time. It'll be a good workout to do at a jog or run. Any other recommendations or requirements you have, sir?" Mentally, Thomas chuckled. The engineer in him basically required a walkthrough of every space he could get to. His quarters were almost too large for his preferneces, but that was an easy thing to deal with.

Sular nodded. "Very well Lieutenant. We'll use the downtime to make sure all the paperwork is in order and good to go before we leave the dock. I'll see that you have access to all the reports that have come in so far so you can familiarize yourself. Dismissed Lieutenant."

"Understood, good day, sir." A quick turn on his heels, Thomas marched himself back out of the room, and off the bridge. It was time to get into some work.

Cmdr Sular Vivano
Commanding Officer
USS Armageddon

LT Thomas Mallory
Executive Officer
USS Armageddon


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