Increments of Motion Pt 2

Posted on Mon Jun 19th, 2017 @ 1:43am by Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama & Commander Sular Vivano & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD & 1st Lieutenant Sy'ren Kejal & Ensign Jacob McCall ENS & Ensign Kollin Igh

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Briefing room
Timeline: MD 14 15:00 hours

Sular sat in his chair in the briefing room his mind whirling with thoughts. While the Romulans were protective of their boundaries they never made subtle threats like this. Nor did they travel so far out of their borders to do so. Either the Romulans were getting jumpier than usual or the warbird had already been in Federation space for some time and had remained under cloak for who knew what reasons. That did not sit well with him.

He looked up at the senior officers assembled and cleared his throat before speaking. "Alright, we have a...delicate situation on our hands, to say the least. Our Romulan friends out there seem to think we are here for some sort of nefarious military purpose. However, they are also adept at hiding their true purposes. I don't like the idea of them being this far into Federation space without warning or so much as an if you please. Also where there is one Romulan ship there are likely to be more under cloak."

He shook his head and stood for a moment looking out at the stars. "Our friends will be joining us for dinner this evening. This is to be a full formal uniform occasion. I don't want to give them any excuse to stay or to try to press whatever point it is they think they are trying to make. I do want you all to keep your eyes and ears open. If anything seems out of place or even remotely out of the ordinary with our guests, I want to know about it. Now that means we will have to tighten security a bit and possibly augment it with a few marines. So any ideas or suggestions on the situation?"

The chief of Intelligence replied "yeah don't let them on board. This is big trouble we could be getting ourselves into."

Kejal looked up from his PADD, "Romulans are very deliberate in their actions, even if their motives are not understood. An accusation such as this may be an attempt to determine our strength and to distract from their own activities." Tapping his PADD a few times he called up a schematic of a Valdore type warbird. "Now that the Romulan fleet is relying heavily this smaller stealthier design, they tend to deploy in packs of three or more. One remains uncloaked and the others are cloaked and follow 2 million kilometers away so they don't augment the lead ship's warp signature." The schematic zoomed out revealing one red warbird and two blue lagging behind. " I recommend we proceed with caution, restrict access to vital areas of the ship and monitor communications while the Romulan delegation is on board. I'll have the detachment on standby."

Xavier looked at the officers present. "From my point, we can observe the situation on the warbird we already know about, but..." Wilczynski stopped. He knew that there was no way of detecting Romulan ships why they were cloaked. At least no in a way that was inconspicuous... "To be honest. I am more afraid of the Remans in their crews. They have quite a psionic potential, and to be honest. The possibility of them probing through our minds is more than unnerving" Xavier said.

Jacob looked at the schematic, an other 2 he thought. He turned to the chief of intelligence. "Is that an actual scan or just a projection?" he asked. "Because if that's the result of our scans why are they bothering to be cloaked if we can see them?"

"Until recently, we have been unable to penetrate their cloaking devices, and they are upgrading as fast as we work out how to find them" Natsuko replied. "Sometimes we get sensor ghosts, that said, they could be projecting the images so we don't look further. I fully expect there to be more than what we see. My team is currently running scans a bit further than normal, to see if we can pick up any distortions caused by passing particles or fluctuations"

Kollin’s bitter dislike of the Romulans fuelled her distrust of them; she could not imagine sharing a table of food with them. Before she left the ops console the sensor arrays had detected no increase in activity aboard the Warbird, however, at the risk of being discovered passive scanning would be less obtrusive. “Sensor readings of the Warbird will continue throughout the Romulans stay aboard” Kollin announced to the Commander.

"I'd like to link Intelligence with the ships sensors as well" Natsuko added.

"Not a problem. I can arrange a team that would link some computer stations to the sensors. I will also allocate some science personnel to help your team with the work" Xavier said, and he looked at Natsuko.

"The more hands the better" Natsuko replied. "I am not going to argue about assistance." She looked at the CO. "I take it you are not going to change your mind about letting them on board, then I will want security and Intelligence to work together to make sure all crew of the Armageddon are tagged so nothing bad can happen."