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Posted on Thu Mar 16th, 2017 @ 4:57am by Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: After "Suggestions To The Riddles of The Expanse"


Ksawery looked with certain amazement when light formed shapes within the holodeck... Photons formed Armageddon's bridge. When the artificial reality was weaved, Xavier sat down behind the science console. He pushed few buttons.

"Computer. Transfer calculation sheet Expanse 1, to the holodeck 1" he ordered the machine, and after a short while, Xavier heard a silent beep as a confirmation.

Allright. Now that we have the data. Time to create the situation Xavier thought to himself. "Computer transfer the sensor data from the USS Bozeman and USS Enterprise referring to the time loop" he ordered the machine.

"Please specify the symbol of the unit USS Enterprise" came the answer from the computer.

God damn it. This thing should know, especially since this is the only time that all of these things exist in one god damn instance Xavier sigh... "USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D, Galaxy class" he clarified.

"Completed" Computer answered.

Good. OK. Now, let's make the necessary adjustments for the test... "Computer. Implement the data from the file WilqEx" he ordered, and after few seconds he heard the beep again.

He looked at the holographic instruments, everything was fine and almost ready... He looked around and decided that the simulation needed something, well... Alive.

"Computer, generate simulated crew... And make them act normal" he ordered, and randomized characters appeared on the bridge. Wilczyński noded. OK. Let's begin.

He ordered the computer to run the simulation, with adjusted time frame. Everything seemed fine. Even the simulated gizmo seemed to work. However, there were certain variants, that were somewhat problematic.

If the ship was imprisoned in the time loop that lasts for less than a minute, the device would be useless. Also, the technique to pass through the anomaly was flimsy. It all was based on the sensor readings from the vessels that were in the expanse.

Wilczyński went through various calculations, and if the will be drastically different... He then thought about additional precaution... Maybe tachyonic antitelephone? No this would cause Tolman's paradox. This will be something extra... Maybe if in addition to the dekyon field, we can create additional tachyon shielding... No. Tachyons can be used to communicate through time. Well... With the past... Maybe if we knew the temporal variance of the anomaly we would be able to match the shields frequency to the variance, and matching their deflector array to the inverse of the variance... There was only one issue. This was not in the sensor data from either the Bozeman or Enterprise. They would need active sensor scan, all the time - and match the frequency on the go.

So many options. Well, at least my old ideas are mostly effective... I'll need to work on that. At the moment I'll make notes, and continue to work. Better safe than sorry he thought to himself.

Xavier looked at the chronometer. It was 2200... He spent more than seven hours in here. It was way past his shift, and he needed to go to sleep. Funny, while he was working, he did not feel the flow of time. Wilczyński yawned. He will need to continue working on additional ideas tomorrow.

"Computer. Save the data, and end simulation" he ordered, and reality built from photons blurred before him, and after a second holodeck was only an empty room. He yawned again and left it.

He deserved a good night sleep.


Lieutenant JG Ksawery Wilczyński
Chief Science Officer
USS Armageddon


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