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Increments of Motion Pt 1

Posted on Thu May 11th, 2017 @ 11:48pm by Commander Sular Vivano & Lieutenant JG Christopher Evans & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD & Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama & Ensign Jacob McCall ENS & Ensign Kollin Igh

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 14 1300 hours

Sular walked out of his ready room and onto the bridge. He knew they were nearing Deep Space Five. They were carrying supplies for the station as it would be their first stop on their way to the Typhon Expanse and this would be their area of operation for the near future. "Bring the station up on the screen."

He sat down in his chair and hit the button for shipwide comms. "Attention crew, this is the commander. We are currently nearing deep space five. We will be docking and dropping off supplies for the station. Depending on the timing we may be being outfitted for our journey into the Typhon Expanse. Shore leave is not authorized at this time. Everyone will continue in their assigned duties and shifts. That is all"

He looked over to the helm. "Mr McCall hail the station and let them know we are on approach and get docking clearance."

“Yes sir,” Jacob replied. He switched the intercom on “Deep Space 5 this is the USS Armageddon we are approaching you system and request permission to dock.” There were a few seconds before the reply came back. Jacob knew that the station would be scanning the vessel.

“Roger that Armageddon, you have been allocated docking Zone 12 Alpha. Approach vector 454/345” Jacob ‘s interface blinked. The ship had the coordinates.

“Affirmative, I have the coordinates, see you soon, out” Jacob spoke with a measured tone.

He checked the ship's navigational log, once at the required distance, he began to slow the ship from warp and soon the screen in the bridge showed the stars. He quickly set the automatic pilot. Then the Armageddon began her final approach. He fingers ran across his interface and the R1 Invictus-class station’s image appeared on the main viewer.

Xavier was manning the science station looking at all the instruments, especially sensors for any interference. That was the procedure - but he knew well that possibility of something outside the norm happening were... Slim.

He however, kept a close watch and looked at the numbers appearing on screen.

Kollin peered across at the Lieutenant and studied his actions at the science station ... she then looked down at the operational consul in front of her and began calling aloud to the Commander, "Tracking beam operational, deflector beam operational ... Kollin knew there could be the possibility of an energy surge when the ship came out of warp which could affect the functionality of some of the ships internal and sensor systems ... and she continued checking her list aloud. She then caught sight of the stars and breathed a little lighter, the Ship had performed well operationally, at least on this first leg of its journey.

Everything appeared normal on the Tactical screens. "All clear here sir" Evans sounded off.

Dropping out of warp the ship made it's way towards the station. It was a large station as it was the only permanent presence of the Federation in this sector of space. There were, of course, other ships in the sector but they were rotated out at regular intervals. The ship was nearing and starting approach for docking. It was an eerie sort of calm though it was just like any other docking.

Kollin jolted out of her reverie, the normally stable green light in the centre of her consul was flashing amber, it took less than a minute ... “Sir” Kollin commanded “I’m detecting a build-up of tachyon particles port side”. Before the physical docking procedures began a D'deridex-class Romulan warbird de-cloaked.

Evans spoke up as he noticed it on the sensor "Romulan warbird de-cloaking port side Commander"

Sular raised an eyebrow. There had been no reports of Romulan movement or presence in the area. They were well beyond the northern borders of Romulan space. He shook his head and let out a breath. "Helm abort docking procedures and bring us up level with the warbird. Comms sound a silent yellow alert."

Evans pressed a few buttons on the panel. "Yellow alert active" the yellow alert activated aboard the ship, only signaled by the flashing yellow lighting. "I have the Romulans, on screen"

McCall stiffened in his chair. His fingers danced across his console, then shifting his weight along his desk he slid to the manual controls. He fired the ships thrusters and began to pilot the ship in a rising arc. The ship came to rest 100 yards from the war bird.

The tension on the Bridge was palpable, Kollin inclined her head towards Jacob and a sense of recognition passed between them. She stared hard at the flashing yellow light, her fingers hovering above the shield activate controls ... she was ready when necessary.

Natsuko who was standing at the back of the bridge, moved so she would be outside the video feed and waited.

Wilczyński was looking at the situation with somewhat of a shock. Whoever Romulan captain was, he must have been crazy pulling that kind of stunt inside Federation space, with starbase at his back... And a carrier before him.

He looked at the readings on the Romulan vessel, and to his relief Romulans were not firing their weapons... Further more there was something weird about readings from the ship.

"Sir... The warbird is not powering weapons, and life signs aboard are mostly... Well... Reman. That's highly unusual" Wilczynski said with a surprise in his voice.

Natsuko cleared her throat softly. "A bit more common these days, with the chaos the Empire has been in. A lot of ships were taken over by Reman citizens."

Sular raised an eyebrow as he stood up from his chair. "Alright ladies and gentlemen look sharp. We may be allies but they are a long way from home and unannounced." He nodded to comms. "Hail them." The picture came on the viewer. They were definitively Reman but there were a couple of Romulans on board as well. Sular took a step forward. "I am Commander Sular of the Federation starship Armageddon. You are a long way from home. What brings you out this way? Had we known you were coming we would have been able to prepare a welcome for you."

There was nothing but silence for a few moments before the Reman spoke. "I am sub-commander R'vukk. We of the empire always take note when a warship is sent near our borders. Especially when one has never been seen before. We caught your warp signature on our sensors. We thought it to be another science vessel. Imagine our surprise when it turned out to be something far more. So Commander why would we not investigate something like that?"

Sular shook his head. "We are well outside of the borders of the Romulan empire. This is Federation space. Also we are not here for any act of combat. We are here to map and explore the Typon Expanse. However, to show you we are not here with hostile intent. I invite you and your command staff to dinner this evening on board the Armageddon. Where we can assure you there is nothing more than that."

The Reman simply spoke three words before the connection was cut. "We will come."

Natsuko considered the situation and then headed to the turbolift.

Sular raised an eyebrow again and hit the comms. "All senior officers to the briefing room."

"Sir. Before we go, can I suggest keeping passive scan on our friends... Nothing intrusive, just keeping a closer eye on them. I bet they will be doing the same to us" Xavier said, as he noded to a young ensign from the science department, to switch with him behind the science console.

Sular thought for a moment. Normally he wouldn't agree with such things. Yet this wasn't a normal situation. Some precautions were called for. "Agreed but passive only and nothing fancy. We dont want to alert our guests to anything abnormal."

"I'll have a meeting with security and inform them of delicate nature of this situation". Chris spoke up from tactics.

Wilczyński looked at the ensign. "Ensign Ramirez, passive scan only - with minimal output in the energy to the sensors. Let's keep it quiet" Xavier said with a nod, making this scan as barely visible as possible.

Natsuko had not broken stride as the order to the briefing room was made and she entered the lift. "Intelligence" she ordered it. She had something to grab from her desk.

"Sir, should I continue with the docking procedures? If we are docked we would be under their shields." Jacob did not like the idea of leaving the bridge while facing the Warbird.


=/\= Intelligence Office=/\=

Natsuko swept into... calm and peace. Her team was seated at their consoles or desks working hard. The monitor had a large schematic of the vessel before them. Natsuko clapped her hands once. "I need everything we have on the Remans and their place in the Romulan Empire as it currently is. And if we have anything on that warbird and its crew I needed it yesterday"

Her team nodded and in short order she had a PADD with the relevant details, which was to say not many. Romulan security was still very brick wall like. And any undercover officer from the federation was normally like to die within days of establishment. But armed with the most current intelligence from the Romulan Empire, Natsuko made her way back to the briefing room. It was not much but every bit would help.

(Ending this one and moving on to part 2)


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