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Setting a standard

Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2017 @ 9:13am by Lieutenant JG Christopher Evans

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Deck 8 - Chief Security/Tactical Officers Office
Timeline: MD 1, 0915

Immediately following the senior staff briefing, Chris went to his station on the bridge and started as full weapons system diagnostic. The scan would take about three hours. That was plenty of time to see to the task that Commander Vivano had given him. He gave a quick nod to a crewman working on the station next to him and exited the bridge onto the turbo lift. "Deck eight" he said relaxing a bit as the turbo lift started to move "Evans to Tullos"

"here sir, what can I do for you?" the Bolian officer replied over the comm system.

"I need you to meet me in my office" he said feeling the lift slow.

"On my way" came the reply.

As Evans exited the turbo lift he gave a nod to a few science officers who where walking down the hall together and rounded the corridor to find the Bolian officer already waiting outside his office. There was a quick exchange of salutes and the two entered the Security office. "I want you to be Beta team lead" Chris said taking the seat behind a desk and gesturing for his friend to take the seat across from him.

"I'd be honored Chris" he paused and smiled.

"I figure we would have twelve hour shifts and the both of us will lead security and tactical teams on both" he said handing the new Beta team leader. "Here are the members assigned to your team and the extra teams for the shift." Chris sat back in his chair "you have had my back in many situations, so I know you are the best man for the job"

Tullos smiled "best Bolian" he offered and let out a giggle.

"Yes, best Bolian" he shrugged " you knot head, I've scheduled time for all teams in the phaser range and will be setting up drills for both teams on the holodeck" pausing and taking a deep breath. He was confident in the officers aboard the Armageddon, but anything could happen and he wanted the people keeping everyone safe as prepared and trained as he could get them.

Lt. JG Christopher Evans
Chief Security/Tactical
USS Armageddon


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