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Officer On Deck

Posted on Fri Feb 24th, 2017 @ 2:33pm by Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Marine Briefing Room
Timeline: 1500 hrs, departure day


Rollins stood outside the marine briefing room, fixing his uniform, making sure his uniform was perfect. He had a sitrep scheduled at 1500 hours with the company commander and the his officers, and Will was waiting for that time to enter the room. At 1459 hours, the doors open and he walked through. He stepped in front of the screen, turned to face the officers and saluted. The Commander saluted in return…

Rollins: “Welcome aboard, sir.”

Commander: “Thank you Gunny…” and they both dropped their arm. “I heard you’ve been busy in our absence.”

Rollins: “Yes sir.”

Commander: “Very well Gunny, proceed with your sitrep.”

Will nodded and took a few seconds and tapped on his padd, he brought the contents of it on the screen behind him.

“Starting the day following our boarding of the ship, 1st platoon prept the barracks of the other platoons and the officer’s quarters. 1st squad and the command squads reviewed and confirm the inventory of the detachment...” on the screen was the list of the equipment, highlighted was the missing gear at the time. “The company command squad’s SNCOs ordered the little that was missing and it arrived 2 days ago.” followed a list of the recently received missing equipment with requisition numbers and date of arrival.

“In the meantime...” the screen changed and rapidly scrolled all the weapons calibration reports”, 2nd and 3rd squad tested and calibrated all of the platoon’s rifles, side arms and support weapons. All of them were brand new, set at factory standard parameters.”

“At last… “now the screen switches to the reports of the wyvern transports of the company”, the crews of our transports have completed a level 1 diagnostic of all systems and corrected minor deficiencies. I have sent a request to the engineering department of the Armageddon to have a regular maintenance schedule of the ships. Their supplies and shipboard equipment also have been prepared to cover basic mission parameters.”

Will killed the images on the screen and set the padd on the table in front on the Commander. In return, he took it, viewed it for a few minutes and set it back on the desk.

Commander: “Very good Gunny… anything else?”

Rollins: “Nothing more sir.”

Commander: “Very well… “he looked around the table. “, I’ll have a meeting with this ship’s captain later on to discuss our part in the upcoming mission. The Gunny prepared us for basic missions and as soon as we have our objectives, we will start training for the specifics of it. Anyone else?” He took a look around the table as the other officers shook their heads. “If that is all, you are all dismissed.”

Will raised his arm in a salute that was met by his Commander. He pivoted right and exited the briefing room the same way he came in. As he was walking down the corridor, someone called his name. He stopped and looked behind him as his lieutenant was walking towards him.

LT: “So how have you been Gunny?”

Rollins: “Welcome aboard sir. I’m well, and you?”

The 2 marines resumed walking as they exchanged courtesies.

LT: “What is the platoon up to this afternoon?”

Rollins: “Well sir, since they worked double shifts for the past few days, I gave the platoon time off ‘till 0600 hours tomorrow morning, sir.”

LT: “Hmm… That's too bad, I wanted to say “Hi”.”

Rollins: “Still can sir; I’m sure some of them are still in the barracks. The rest are scattered throughout the ship in the various facilities. Time for chow is at 1730 hours, might want to join us then sir. You have a couple of hours to settle in till then.”

LT: “That’s a good idea Gunny…”

They exchanged more words before parting ways. As his platoon commander left for his quarters, Will headed back to the lounge. They would be leaving soon and the departure of the ship to warp speed was going to be something to see from the forward lounge’s viewing port.


OOC: Sorry for the "Commander" and the "LT", didn't have the names of the officers yet. Will revise in future posts.

GySgt William Rollins
1st Platoon "Reavers"
SFMC 2nd Battalion Bravo Company
USS Armageddon
Task Force 47b
Obsidian Fleet


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By 1st Lieutenant Sy'ren Kejal on Tue Mar 7th, 2017 @ 9:01pm

Good morning, I look forward to a jp soon, I am preparing my introduction to the crew.