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SoSoy tuj chochu'qang

Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2017 @ 1:45am by Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Chief Inteligence Officer Office

This was a long day. Xavier just ended meeting with the commander, and had a lot of work to do - before they will go in to the Expanse. However there was still a mystery baffling him... During his research on the USS Bozeman incident - he found an interesting information.

Shortly before they ventured in to the expanse, the USS Bozeman was apparently part of a bigger operation - trying to hunt down IKS SoSoy Tuj... This vessel was going to attack Starbase 12 - however they were detected by the USS Bozeman, and Federation ship engaged it, even though they wer outgunned. After dropping a warning buoy and leading the Sosoy Tuj out of jamming range, the Bozeman disappeared without a trace, entering a temporal causality loop. However there was no mention of the fate of the Klingon vessel.

Xavier went through all the reports, and there was no mention of the incident or the IKS of that name in either Federation database, or the ones shared by the Klingons... It was somewhat peculiar... He decided to consult CIO about it...

He now stood in fron of Lieutenant Akayama's office with the report on his PADD... He ringed the buzzer.

The door opened onto a low lit office. An office completely bare of furniture other than a large console that took up the centre of the room. Beside that console, which had a large holo display above it, stood the chief of intelligence. Natsuko looked up. "Lieutenant?" She queried softly. "Did you need something?"

Wilczyński noded and smilled. "Yes. But first, I think that proper introductions are in place, as we haven't had chance to meet before the staff meeting. Xavier Wilczyński, Chief Science Officer" he said and performed a gentle bow... Slightly more formal than needed, but Xavier always hated social situations... Still, it was impolite to make no official introduction during first real conversation.

He looked at the bare walls of the office, trying to assess the character of the owner, and he immediately noticed the lack of decorum.

"Well... I'm here... Cause something peculiar stroke me when I was reviewing the reports and sensor readings from the USS Bozeman incident. During my research, I studied the report from Bozemans last mission. Trying to find, any information about - how were they in the area of the expanse... They were hunting for IKS SoSoy tuj... Hot mama in tlhIngan Hol... Klingons always had knack for colorful names of their vessels. It was something called Ber'taa class heavy bird of prey... This vessel was going to attack Starbase 12 - however, they were detected by the USS Bozeman, and engaged it, even though they were outgunned. After dropping a warning buoy and leading the SoSoy Tuj out of jamming range, the Bozeman vanished... As we now know, in the temporal loop... But for some weird reason I was not able to locate the data about the ship, or this class anywhere in our data banks... I can't also find any mention of the incident... Or any larger operation against Starbase 12 in that period of time..." he said.

It was rather a long explanation, one slightly too long for his liking, but it was still just a summary.

Natsuko nodded "I understand your concerns and my information correlates with that. I am still awaiting answers from people deeper within the Intelligence department than I but I feel that they will keep it close to their chests."

Xavier went silent for a second, and looked at Natsuko quizzically... Only after few seconds he articulated the question... "You think that those Klingons might still be out there" he asked.

Natsuko considered it for a moment. "Maybe. There are other powers that would also benefit from exploration out here. Cardassians, Romulans, Ferengi, and more."

Xavier thought for a second. He wondered if the lack of information was a deliberate plot by the Starfleet Command, but he kept it to himself. It would not be the first time, that some information were kept from the crew for no obvious reason... Xavier was aware that Starfleet was not only scientific organization but also military...

"Well... Seems like we are in for an interesting mission" he said after few seconds.

"Agreed" Replied Natsuko. "If you like if I receive information that you are permitted to see I can send it to you so you can calibrate your sensors."

Xavier smiled gently. "I would be grateful. Due to the anomalies and other potential threats in the expanse, every information you can reveal might be crucial" he said, and after few seconds added. "Of course tit-for-tat. If you will require any help from science department, please let me know" he said with a smile.

Inclining her head with smile in return. "I would appreciate that." She paused "I should go, leave you to your work. Thank you though for the civilized conversation."

Wilczyński looked at Natsuko with a certain shock. "Well, we are in your office... So I guess I should be the one leaving. Besides as you mentioned have a few things to do. As for the civilized conversation, it had been a pleasure. Lieutenant" Xavier said and bowed slightly.

He then left Akayama's office, to continue with his tasks.

-Wrong thing to say Suko- She thought to her self and turned back to her desk, grabbed a padd and then headed out to her team.

Lieutenant JG Ksawery Wilczyński
Chief Science Officer
USS Armageddon


Lt. JG Natsuko Akayama
Chief of Intelligence
USS Armageddon


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