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Upside down

Posted on Sun Dec 4th, 2016 @ 2:19am by Ensign Jacob McCall ENS & Ensign Kollin Igh

Mission: Shakedown
Location: 50KM from the dry dock

“Gravity net testing will commence in 60 seconds.” James heard his voice eco around the bridge, well the intercom‘s working he thought. Testing the Gravitation net was always a tricky manoeuvre. He would pilot the Armageddon through a series of rolls. The net was working as they were out of a planets gravitational pull and no equipment was floating around. However the ship had been built on one plane, therefore with no rotation within the ship the net had not been fully tested. The ship was positioned 50KM from the dry dock. He had the station in on the screen. He turned in his chair, “Ready Ensign Igh?”

Kollin was alert and ready. Memories of her Academy training came flooding back, the simulations had been exciting promoting a devil may care attitude but now, facing a real live test with no instructors peering over her shoulder, it suddenly felt very real. Kollin scanned the keys the tips of her fingers darting back and forth, on screen appeared a 3D diagram with gravitational net. "Yes Sir".

James turned to face the screen; he switched the broadcast channel on. “Dockyard this is Armageddon. Were about to test the graviton net.” There was a pause.
Then the dull crackle of an open microphone ” Roger that Armageddon, we have you on visual and your systems are patched.”
James confirmed he had received the message the message. The ships count down sequence started from 10 seconds.
9.8.7. James could picture the skeleton crew standing at their stations.
6.5.4. All the shuttles would be tied down.
3.2.1. Janes applied power to the port thrusters and the ship began a slow roll. The only movement he could see or feel was the Dock slowly move through 90 degrees.
“How we looking Ensign Igh?” He shouted still looking over his panel.

Kollin starred hard at the control panel in front of her, fingers poised. "The ships holding fast Sir". However, a flicker of the screen caught Kollin's eye. The artificial gravity indicator flashed amber, the Marine Barracks gravity had fallen to 0.8 g. "Lieutenant, I need to alter the power to the Duranium sheeting to adjust the gravity plating in the Marine Barracks". Kollin adjusted the power relay. "Continue Sir".

Jams fired the port thrusters again. This time he stared at his console, watching the station turn though another 90 degrees on the bridge’s view screen without feeling any sensations made him feel queasy. His fingers danced along his interface, the artificial gravity generator was working out the recommended 75% output. He turned to look at Kollin at the operations’ station “Everything ok” The Klingon nodded her reply.

James fire the thrusters for a third time bring the ship through a to 270 decries, three quarters through the roll.

Kollin was attempting to maintain a professional demeanour while bursting with excitement; training sims and flight were all very well but nothing compared to this, a real live operational task. Kollin concentrated on the console in front of her, no departments were reporting any issues and gravity was being maintained as the ship rolled. "All ok here Sir".

James turned back to his console and fired the thrusters one last time. Completing the roll.
“All gravity systems operational and tested” He announced to the ship. His fingers tapped the screen in front of him and he felt the main computer fire manoeuvring thrusters as it guided the ship back to the dock.

Lieutenant JG James Stevenson
Second Officer
USS Armageddon

Ensign Kollin Igh
Operations Officer
USS Armageddon


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