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Body and Mind

Posted on Tue Mar 28th, 2017 @ 12:28pm by Lieutenant JG Philip Hunter & Lieutenant JG Kettly Duvalier

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Counselling Suites
Timeline: MD1 1030

Physicians and psychiatrists had always had an uneasy relationship since their respective positions emerged in the 20th century. Physicians tended to accuse psychiatrists of wasting time trying to talk through problems solved more simply through medication, whereas psychiatrists saw physicians as dismissive of mental health.

Philip Hunter had learned the value of the carers of the mind the hard way. Although his own neural treatments relied heavily on medication, it had taken hard work from a team of counselors to bring him back from the brink. As such, he was adamant that his medical team should liaise closely with the counselors...

The suites themselves were still in the process of being decorated. Various packing crates were pushed towards the walls, though in a few spots masks were hung along the walls from various races and cultures. Some of them pleasant, some of them fierce. That, and smattering of green plants and comfortable throws adorned the sitting area.

"Miss Duvalier?" He asked, as he made his way into her office. "Philip Hunter, Chief Medical Officer. I'd like to talk to you about bringing our teams together for this mission."

"Doctor Hunter," Kettley said as she stood and motioned towards one of the many mismatched chairs that made up a semi-circle across from her desk. The masks and green theme continues on into the office, with various nicknacks adding to the old world market feel. "I'm glad that you came. Please, do, fill me in on your take on it, sir."

Hunter smiled, all-too familiar with the furniture and fittings of a counsellor's office. The details changed but the broad features remained the same, comfortable furniture, links to nature and comforting naturalistic elements. In a way it felt like home - as it was supposed to.

"I'd like to bring in someone from your team to serve full-time in Sick Bay, someone who can liaise directly with patients and get them specialist help as soon as possible. In turn, I'd like to recommend that Doctor Lance Weir have a space either in or nearby your offices. His specialisation is in psychopharmacolog. He'll be able to prescribe necessary drugs and stimulants without the need for potentially vulnerable patients to suffer the stress of being exposed to Sick Bay." He said, handing Dr Duvalier a Padd loaded with Weir's personnel file. "Do you have any thoughts?"

Kettly took the PaDD and looked it over as she spoke. "Counseling presence on this ship is only three men strong, doctor. It might be more beneficial to have a rotation set up between the three of us to make sure that you always have support rather than just assigning one of us full time. I agree, though, that it could be beneficial, not only to the patients, but to the the staff. You're a hard working lot in sickbay. As far as your pharma guy goes, you'll have a mixed reaction on that one between the different leanings of the three of us. I have no trouble with him being here. He can set up in the far office if he'd like since we've more of this suite than officers to fill it. You've a Freudian, a Jungian and a Humanistic splitting the suites. I'm sure you can guess how varied our views on medicine in treatment are. I'm pretty sure our lunch meetings will end up being 85% cross-analyzing, 10% fuss and the little remaining actually spent eating. Actually, he might as well be there with one foot firmly in the department anyhow. It's his domain, too."

Hunter nodded, vaguely remembering the psychological terms from his Academy days.

"I'll send down a list of possible candidates. Thank you, Miss Duvalier."


Lt. JG Hunter

Lt.JG Hunter
Chief Counsellor


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