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At First Glance

Posted on Sun Feb 19th, 2017 @ 11:47am by Lieutenant JG Kettly Duvalier

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Counseling Suites

"Computer voice record engage. Title session Initial Senior Crew Notes and flag for top of filing priority," Kettly rattled off as she sank back into her desk chair with her latte in her hands. The chair and the desk were the only furniture in the room as of yet since the rest of her furniture was still crated up and awaiting transfer in a hold somewhere on board. Until then, the office around her was woefully barren and not at all how it would look when she was done. "First dossier Commander S. Vivano. Previous counselors notations include a predisposition towards being driven and aloof, distant, yet having the capacity to be friendly to a point. Marked hatred for borg. Cerebral. El-Aurian. Lengthy service jacket that will require many more cups of coffee to process all of it. Needless to say there's way more wear/tear/been there/seen that to take into consideration when dealing with the commander."

That, Kettly thought, and patience. She'd often wondered what it was like to be a long-lived race walking around amidst short bright flares of light that others called lives. The isolation and emotional distance needed to not die a little inside with every loss had to be quite taxing. She chalked a good bit of the aloof mentioned in his file to that and set aside any further opinion until having a proper amount of time to observe him. "Next up is L-T-C E. Wyatt who is the executive officer. Former Intel. Former alcoholic: highlight/i> former word. No listed reason for alcoholism or or any treatments listed beyond replicator ban and avoidance. Socially fluid with good separation between the uniform and private persona from his notes. Very engaging. Married with two children. Monitor and discern whether or not further interventions are needed. If that ship has sailed, let it remain gracefully out of port."

"L-T-J-G Christopher Evans is the Chief Sec/Tac officer. File reads like a poster child for good officers. No noted complaints or traumatic issues on file. Check in with hi just to make sure that the roses stay roses and build rapport. It's easier to tell the counselor about troubled crew or crisis calls if we're already in a good groove." That, Duvalier thought to herself, and she needed to make it known that for the most part she was harmless and truly interested in helping keep the peace. Yes, she was a bit of a foil at times and maybe she could be a little loud, but it was for a good cause. Even if the cause was to simply unwind.

"Science Chief L-T-J-G K. Wilcz.. Wilcz-en-skii?" she sounded out. "Wilcz. Hmm.. Dossier paints out a passionate man. Willful and intelligent. Possible transporter phobia. Something of a lone wolf. Outspoken and bright- aren't they always the ones who end up alone or ostracized. Put some feelers out on those notes and be friendly. We're all sciences over in the teal departments."Realizing that she'd forgotten about her latte, Kettly took a sip and grimaced. A french press was definately going to be needed if this turned into a long term position. The way that some COs felt about counseling services, she never expected to stay in one spot very long. "On the other side of that coin is CMO L-T-J-G P. Hunter. Neural damage. Treatment notes. Constant pain. Addiction. And the mans's still up: that's what I'm talkin' about. I think he and I need to have an open door policy. Insitute the foundation for support right from the get go. Keep the champ in the ring."

"That leads us to Intel Chief L-T-J-G N. Akayama. Divorced, one child. Bright, sharp. Few hurdles in the history. Seemingly well adjusted." Even if that wasn't the truth, Ket was well aware that discerning such things about Intel officers was like pulling teeth. If they didn't want you to know, typically you didn't. "Open path for communication. Offer family counseling if needed."

That's.. enough for this first recording I think. Start here and then follow down the chain. As usual, the marines go on a separate record as per SFMC requirements and must meet their approval, unit CO approval, and a whole host of forms to fill out. I'll tackle that on its own after I meet unit COs and get a feel for how much pushback I'll get for interfering. Not bad for day one," the counselor sighed to herself. "End recording. Open planner current day. Let's start making calls.."


LTJG Kettly Duvalier
Chief Counselor
USS Armageddon


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