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The Route

Posted on Sat Feb 18th, 2017 @ 1:22am by Ensign Jacob McCall ENS

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Stella cartography.
Timeline: 1 09:10

Jacob checked the time again, the briefing was over. They knew where they were heading and he had to plan the route. He looked at his watch once more. How slow is the turbolift he thought, such was his excitement to get to Stella cartography.

He arrived in Stella cartography minutes after the briefing had finished. He began to use the interface and the 3D graphics showing known space illuminated in front of him.

He adjusted the interface so he could see both Sol and the ship's destination the Typhon Expanse. Jacob typed onto the screen on the desk in front of him spinning the map around so he had a projected view from behind the ship. James stood back looking at the journey. He could see that they would have to diagonally traverse one of the grids. If he did this from Sol the ship would then have to skirt along the Romulan Neutral Zone which would add time onto the flight.

He decided to make the first leg straight forward they would fly along the grid line separating the Alpha a Beata quadrants to Ophiuchus a distance of 20 Light years. Here the ship would cross the next sector diagonally to Syrma another 28.2ly distance. James changed the angle of the map giving him a bird’s eye view of the Beta quadrant so it appeared that this part of the route took the ship through the same sector as Delos, Bolarus system which contains the Bolian home world, Morpa and Crysalia. Although James knew that some of those places were in grids above and below the space being traversed.

Then from Syrma at which point the Armageddon would be closest to Romulan Neutral Zone they would fly to grid point 345,243,829, Skirting Starbase718 again a distance of 20ly. Then finally onto the final way point of Deep space 4 passing Arfoff from here they were 3ly from the Typhon Expanse.

Jacob relaxed, his task completed, he programed the route into the navigational computer and alerted the command staff that the route had been laid in.

(OCC, for this post I have used the map at,8009
I appreciate that there will all was be issues using a 2d map to navigate 3d space. )


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