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A Point of Contention

Posted on Tue Feb 21st, 2017 @ 8:42pm by Lieutenant JG Philip Hunter & Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama
Edited on on Tue Feb 21st, 2017 @ 8:43pm

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Outside Observation Deck
Timeline: MD1 0945
Tags: Lt. JG Akayama

As the senior officers made their way to begin preparing for the mission ahead, Hunter drew himself up and approached the quickly departing Lt. Akayama.

"Lieutenant," He said, halting the Chief Intelligence Officer in her tracks. "May I have a word with you, in private?"

Natsuko stopped and inclined her head politely. "Of Course. There is an office just down the hall."

The office was currently unused and turned its lights on to greet the pair as they entered. Hunter waited for the door to shut then turned to face the sharp-edged Lieutenant.

"Miss Akayama, I couldn't help feeling like I was being scrutinised in that meeting. Don't worry, you were perfectly subtle, it's just that over the years I've developed a hypersensitivity to being watched." He watched as her alert intelligence officer ears perked up. "I was a drug addict. Self-inflicted. When you spend years misappropriating Starfleet supplies, you start to develop a healthy paranoia - even if nothing else is healthy. "

Hunter allowed himself a half-smile.

"The only reason I entered Starfleet was to conduct research to end it. To that end I became an expert in pharmacology, neurology, even genetic manipulation - hence my studies into the Kzinti." He said, "I understand you'll be investigating me, anyway - part of the job - but I thought it best to bring it to your attention before you discovered it on your own. We're going to have to work together - we need to be able to trust one another."

"point of clarification Doctor." Natsuko said as she took up a position where she would not have to look up at him. She was the shortest of the senior staff, and she knew it. "I have a job to do. You acknowledge that. But my scrutiny in the briefing had nothing to do with your past or your history, or my curiosity about it. It had to do with the fact that you attempted to dismiss yourself from a briefing. And the fact that you seemed very disappointed when the captain shot you down, your eagerness to expand your studies was duly noted in that moment.. My job is to assess threats to the ship, the crew and the commanding officer. Your actions registered just like the knife wielding Operations officer, and the silent almost skittish helmsman."

She shifted slightly on her feet, a sign that she was used to be moving not standing still while talking."Trust in my mind is not blindly given. And my job is given to only a few."

Hunter smiled, not his usual half smile of semi-apology but in genuine amusement. He'd spent so long fixating on what he considered to be his biggest flaw that he hadn't even considered the more mundane issues.

"Perhaps you're right. The Commander and myself have been butting heads since I came on board. Perhaps it's something I need to work on." He held out his hand, as one professional to another. "I appreciate how fragile trust is, Miss Akayama, hopefully it's something we'll both develop in one another as this mission goes on. If you'll excuse me, I have a Medical Bay to organise."

Natsuko inclined her head at the doctor. "Have a nice and productive day Doctor." She said in her polite tone.

Lt.JG Philip Hunter
Chief Medical Officer
USS Armageddon

Lt.JG Natsuko Akayama
Chief of Intelligence
USS Armageddon


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