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The Last Mile

Posted on Tue Feb 14th, 2017 @ 11:35am by Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Forward Lounge, Deck 3
Timeline: 1200 hours, briefing day


With his marines off duty, the level of noise in the Reavers’ barracks was getting a bit too high. Its with data padds in hand that he relocated to the forward lounge on deck 3. Will believed that the change of surroundings would help his concentration. The company commander boarded the ship with the rest of the company less than an hour ago. The company Captain ordered a briefing for him the command staff for 1500 hours on the readiness of his unit, that left Will with a few hours to prepare his presentation.

On the table before him laid 3 padds and a glass with thick frost on it. He held a fourth one in a hand and reached for the glass. He took a sip of his ice cold water as he was looking at the open space offered by the lounge’s view port. Ever since his time on Andor, he enjoyed his drinks extremely cold, that feeling as the liquid makes its way down his throat, that revitalizing feeling at every drop. Gazing out in space his mind wondered for a few minutes as he thought of his first assignment in space. It was about to begin and although he felt confident that the detachment was ready, he couldn’t help but wonder where that ship would take them, what wonders they would see… what horrors they would witness…

As a shuttle passed a bit close to the viewport, Will came back to reality and plunged his head back in his padd. Time was fleeting and he had work to do.


GySgt William Rollins
1st Platoon "Reavers"
SFMC 2nd Battalion Bravo Company
USS Armageddon
Task Force 47b
Obsidian Fleet


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