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Catching up on reading...

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2017 @ 5:35pm by Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Deck 7 - Chief Science Officer's Office
Timeline: Current


[With reading I recommend to put on songs: "A Hill With No Name", "Michi" by Yoshida Brothers as they are some of the ones that Xavier is listening during this scence]

When Ksawery returned from the Senior Officer's Briefing he sat down behind his desk.

"Computer..." he said "... something meditative... Yoshida Brothers playlist".

The sound of Tsugaru-jamisen started to flow from the speakers. It was relaxing, and was able to set Wilczyński in the right mood.

As he promised during senior staff meeting, Xavier started wiritng about the theories and about what the knew about the expanse.

He first downloaded information that were downloaded from USS Bozemans & USS Enterprise sensors in the time of the incident. Luckily for him, those data were included in most of the studies. He make a special note about the distortions in the natural dekyon field which were left over as "echos" from previous iterations of a temporal causality loop in which the USS Enterprise-D had become trapped. Commander Data was able to use his own positronic subprocessors as a sort of comunicator.

This was all idicated in a report, filed by the USS Enterprise. Interesting... From what Xavier knew about dekyons, which were somewhat mysterious subatomic particles - is that they were able to somewhat ease issues with space - time anomalies. As he remembered a beam of concetrated dekyons, was once able to breach the event horizon of a quantum singularity...

To be quite fair, Xavier had an idea about what could be done - If we would be able to infuse the Armagedon with enough dokyon particles, we should be able to leave the loop if we ever enter one he thought to himself - but he needed to do the math, and to be fair the mechanics on how to do this, eluded him somewhat... He knew that it was possible, as well as prepearing one of the shuttles to emite a beam from a shuttle - but he would need an engineer to help him to make it work...

But it was a job for the future, however he made a note of this to himself.

He than, after adding all of the information from the sensors, and also probews who have visited the sector over the years - he started describing most popular theories.

First - theory of the professor de Navar, from the Daystrom Institute... He theorised that the space-time distortions encountered at the expanse, had something to do with an ancien war with some uncorporial creatures. It was backed by some observations, performer by the unamned probes that were sent in to the expanse years before. The chroniton distortions, were similar in nature to smoething that was observed once before on DS9 in 2374. The downside was, that in order to provide some proof to this theory - archaeological surveys and excavations, had to be performed in the area... And without tchem, the information proivded by the probes were simply too little, to make final assumptions.

Wilczynski added to the message an article written by de Navar, as well as all the data that both supprted - and were against that theory.

Next - the ancien wormhole theory provided by Sakar of Vulcan Science Academy - who believed that the distortions were created as a residue of a collapsed wormhole... He even speculated that it might be a wormhole, that originaly transported Romulans to this part of the galaxy - however this was a longshot... Mathematics on this was good, and it was also backed by observations of similar phenomena. However area was too great, if this theory was correct - this wormhole must have been the biggest in existence.

Xavier has added the data as an attachement, and his own notes on the matter.

Thirdly - the theory presented by James Anteos, Chief Science Officer of the USS Vij. Back when he was posted as one of the science officers aboard Starbase 12, he formed a theory that all the anomalies were caused by some ancient device, situated on one of the planets in the expanse... This theory was interesting, however it had a lot of holes.

Xavier added data about this one - as well as information about few different ones... From ones logical like untypical wormholes, time travel residue, like some conspiracy theories about the race called Na'kuhl...

After he finished, he sent the message to the whole senior staff, including the CO and XO.

He than sat down, and started reading articles about the Bozeman incident - from which he noted the ship name SoSoy Tuj, which in Klingon means "Hot Mama" - but for some weird reason he did not find any information on her in the database... Interesting Xavier thought to himself.

But returning to the case at hand... Xavier read about the how they were able to send a message through time, using commander data's positronic subprocessors... Hmmm... Xavier had an idea on what to do... Frankly one, good one... It would require just one simple thing... But before that, he needed to confirm.

He went through the database and located works of doctor Noonian Soong, and Bruce Maddox on positronic components. He lacked engineering knowledge, and cybernetics weren't exactly his area of expertise - but with some help he would probably able to construct a sort of crude "time space" beeper... But he needed someone with an expertise in that.

He thought more about it, went through additional articles. Something simple would be the best. in fact, we would not need anything refined - like an android. Hmmm... A signaling device of sorts, that would allow to receive the signal that we will be sending through the dekyon field he thought to himself.

He then looked at the clock and decided it was time to give CO, to brief him about his suggestions, and to get an official confirmation on how to proceed. He also needed to speak with the CIO...

He took PADDs in his hand and left the office... "Computer, end playlist" said Xavier as he walked through the door.


Lieutenant JG Ksawery Wilczyński
Chief Science Officer
USS Armageddon


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