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Transfer to Armageddon

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2017 @ 11:54am by Lieutenant JG Christopher Evans & Commander Sular Vivano

Mission: Wildspace
Location: CO's ready room

Christopher was extremely excited about his newest assignment. The USS Armageddon was a very impressive starship, he had studied her tactical systems at length. As the new Chief Security and Tactical Officer familiarized himself with his station, he realized he only had a few seconds before his meeting with the Commander. As Chris approached the ready room he adjusted his uniform to make sure it was tidy and tapped the chime to Commander Vivano's ready room.

Sular looked up from the console on his desk. Raising an eyebrow he checked the time. Punctual to say the least. He tugged his uniform to make sure it was straight. "Enter."

Chris stepped through the doors to the ready room, he came to attention and made eye contact with the Commander "Lieutenant Junior Grade Christopher Evans, reporting for duty sir"

Sular nodded and waved towards one of the seats across from him. "At ease and have a seat lieutenant." He tapped a couple of buttons on his console and brought up the personnel file. "So lieutenant, I see you have been in security and tactical for most of your career. I'm a former tactical officer myself. I trust the trip here was uneventful?"

Chris took the offered seat "Thank you sir" he paused and gave a smile "the trip was rather boring if I'm being honest sir"

Sular nodded with a slight chuckle. "Be thankful for that lieutenant. It is rare that trips are like that. Most of the time we hope for uneventful but it becomes an all out nightmare." He shrugged as he leaned back slightly in his chair. "So I see from your record that you have been in security and tactical your entire career. Quite admirable. Though if my gut is right from the reports I've been reading. You are going to need ever scrap of skill you have learned and possess where we are going. All of us are going to be tested in this I think. Are you ready for the task?"

Evans had seen plenty in his career "I'll do my best Commander" was the only response he could come up with.

Sular nodded. "That is all any commanding officer can ask for. Now that we have gotten the pleasant formalities out of the way. Have you had a chance to check your department to see if anything is lacking or any supplies that may be needed? Once we leave the dock we won't be stopping til we reach Deep Space Five."

"That was my next stop sir" he gave a smile "I have reviewed most of the roster, and I'm impressed so far sir". The security department had several experienced officers.

Sular chuckled. "For a vessel of this magnitude, they tend to keep to a more experienced crew if it can be helped. Don't get me wrong. We have our share of ensigns and midshipmen but all critical roles are filled by an experienced crew." He stood up and held his hand out to the lieutenant. "Welcome aboard lieutenant. I want a full report and assessment of your departments supply and readiness on my desk by the end of tomorrow."

Evans shook the offered hand "Yes sir" he said to the requested report "looks like I've got some work to do"

Cmdr Sular Vivano
Commanding Officer
USS Armageddon

Lt. JG Christopher Evans
Chief Security/Tactical
USS Armageddon


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