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Analysis of Deep Space Telemetry

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2017 @ 10:29pm by Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD & Ensign Kollin Igh

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Deck 01 - Bridge
Timeline: Current


Ksawery was maning the science station, and analyzing the data from the sensors. They were slightly off, but it was to be expected.

Some believe that starships are 100% operational when they leave the dry dock... And technically this is true, but in reality certain small aspects can not be simulated and only vastness of space can allow to make necessary corrections.

For example ships sensors... Long range sensors were working fine - no real issue there. Wilczyński just needed to make corrections, to range and power output... In other words - to slightly shorten the range of ships sensors, but make the readings more accurate...

But what was worrying him were the short range sensors... They were giving him false readings of ship being sealed in the borelium cocoon... He tried everything, and after running level two diagnostic, he was able to pinpoint the issue to the frequency issues with navigational deflector. He tried to addjust, but something was blocking him.

He walked to the operations station, and looked at the young Klingon feamle ensign maning the operations station - in the operations gold uniform.

"Ensign" Wilczyński said.

Kollin was standing at the Operations Station and had been concentrating fully on the panels in front of her. She knew that the Science Officer had been working with the sensors checking the data they were supplying and out of the corner of her eye she saw the Science Officer approach her station. She momentarily frowned as Ksawery reached across to adjust the short range sensor dial.

"We need to addjust the navigational deflector, as it affects short range sensors" he said, looking at the grim look of the ensign.

“Yes Lieutenant” Kollin growled under her breath. She was concerned that in testing the navigational deflector in order to adjust the short range sensors, this would temporarily drain the energy of the other systems of the ship. However, she knew that some form of testing was needed; at warp speed the deflector was indispensable for the Armageddon, for any starship in fact, and a decision to wait until the ship was at warp speed to adjust them could be fatally flawed. Kollin was also acutely aware of the Lieutenant’s higher ranking and experience and conceded she just needed to follow orders. “Any adjustment to the deflector may impinge on the safety of the ship at Warp speed … Sir”

"Not really. Because we won't be doing anything with the power output. All we have to do, is to addjust the shield frequency... If the readings are correct, by 0.012 mHz up. The shield won't drop, but we will not be looking like a ship in a bottle for the sensors... The proces can be safely performer in warp" Ksawery explained.

Kollin took a step to the right of the Lieutenant and avoiding his gaze looked down at the control panel in front of her. She knew there were going to be gaps in her operational knowledge; and now knew she would never need to ask this particular question again; it had been explained to her!

“The frequency reading of the navigational deflector is at 200.4 megahertz Sir” That was easy thought Kollin. “Shall I increase the frequency by 0.057 megahertz?”, a little riskier but now Kollin was in full flow and looking directly at the Lieutenant stated “Do we need to monitor the shields at the rear of the ship?” “if I adjust these frequency readings to 257.4 megahertz and channel some more power into the aft secondary hull sensor array, this will give us better depth of field for the rear sensors”, Kollin caught her breath and paused.

Wilczyński thought for a second, and looked at the readings on his station - he than returned, and made the calculations in his head. "Good idea, it should work and we should have a clear view of the situation" he said, and looked again at the readings on the science station, monitoring the situation.

Kollin finished tapping the coordinates into the PaDD. "Sensors now adjusted" she called out to the Lieutenant. Kollin felt ready to embark on the mission and felt the first checks had gone well, she still had much to put into practice from her Academy training.

Wilczynski noded. He walked to the science station, and looked at the data. Good... Sensors were working correctly. He looked toward operations officer. "Good job ensign. Thank you" he said, and after a nod walked down from the bridge - and returned to continue his work on the labs.


Ensign Kollin Igh
Operations Officer
USS Armageddon


Lieutenant JG Ksawery Wilczyński
Chief Science Officer
USS Armagedon


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