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The first step

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2017 @ 11:03am by Commander Sular Vivano & Lieutenant Commander Elliot Wyatt Jr. & Lieutenant JG Christopher Evans & Lieutenant JG Philip Hunter & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD & Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama & Ensign Jacob McCall ENS & Ensign Kollin Igh

Mission: Wildspace
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD 1, 0900

Sular looked around his ready room for a moment. The moment was finally here. Time to get the ship out of docking and on the "road". He picked up his cup of coffee and his PaDD and walked out of the ready room. He nodded to the bridge crew before heading over to the observation lounge. Walking in he let out a slow breath. Setting his cup and PaDD at the head of the table he tapped his comm badge.

=/\= "This is Commander Vivano. I need all department heads to report to the observation lounge for mission briefing." =/\=

Elliot was on duty on the bridge when the call came out. Quickly standing up he looked around and saw a junior lieutenant at one of the auxiliary stations "you have the bridge" he said. Turning around and striding toward into the observation lounge. Once inside he made for a seat to the immediate right of his captain.

"Good morning, captain" he said sitting down.

Jacob was in his small quarters composing a letter home when his CO messaged him. "I am off the ship collaborating the targeting censors on one of the fighters, please attend the briefing for me." Slightly shocked by the request Jacob put on his uniform and rushed to the observation lounge and tried to silently slip into a chair.

Hunter groaned, raised the lights in his office, increased the setting on his neutral stabiliser and made his way to the observation lounge, unfazed that he wasn't amongst the first to arrive. He poured himself into a chair and attempted to smooth his wild hair while he waited for the others to arrive.

Natsuko entered silently and took a seat with a nod to the commander at the other end of the table. On the table before her, she placed her PADD. She settled into the seat and waited.

Striding along the corridors towards the Observation Lounge Kollin sensed the buzz of a ship ready to leave; she was all set to report for duty. Earlier she had received orders to stand in for the Senior Ops Officer which had left her feeling disgruntled, however, this feeling had passed and with her Mek’leth at her side her confidence was returning. On entering the Observation Lounge Kollin swiftly pulled the Mek’leth from its case, drove its point into the top of the desk, “nuqneH” Kollin growled towards the CO and took her seat with readiness.

Natsuko rolled her eyes at the knife in the table. Such juvenile behavior was not what she expected in a senior staff briefing. This was not going to be a good meeting if it started with that being allowed.

Sular stared at ensign Kollin as his face became an impassive mask. "Ensign Kollin, while I grant leeway for my officers to practice their cultural heritage. In these meetings should you be further part of them. You will abide by and adhere to Starfleet regulations and procedures. Is that understood? Now sheath that blade and I don't ever want to see it back in here."

Jacob shrank in his chair. Although not friends at the academy, he knew of Kollin's temper. The fiery Klingon had had a reputation. However there was a difference between beating one of the instructors in close combat training by sheer aggression to handling a senior officers' briefing. Jacob knew he wanted her by his side in a combat situation, he was not sure that he wanted to be seated next to her now.

Kollin stared straight ahead at the reprimand from the CO and lowered her eyes as he continued to speak "damn" she thought "reign in that temper Kollin" and still feeling aggrieved at having had to attend the Seniors meeting she removed the Mek'leth from the rosewood table and sat back in her chair.

The reactions of others in the room made Natsuko curious. Part of her was rather glad that such antics would not be accepted but she was curious why the other ensign shrank back like a child being yelled at when it was nothing to do with him. She would have to go through the profiles for the crew a bit more to see if there were any interesting overlaps.

Ksawery entered the observation lounge, carrying the PADD with the current information on the labs, and sensor data. He spent the last few days, preparing the labs for all manner of possible scenarios... And now he was checking the information, and making last notes.

He looked at the gathered crowd, and nodded to everyone starting from the CO. "Good day" he said, and sat behind the table, on one of the seats that allowed him to look outside.

It was the first possibility for him to meet the rest of the senior staff, as he was rather busy for the last few days, with exception of the CO - and young Klingon ensign from the operations department he had no interactions with the rest...

For some reason there was some tension in the air, from source that he could not exactly pinpoint - maybe it was the upcoming mission, or maybe something else. Hard to tell. He looked at the young japanese woman from the intelligence department - Our Chief Intelligence Officer he thought to himself... She was scanning everyone at the table with certain curiosity, and Ksawery immediately figured that he had to miss something... But it was neither the place, nor the time to quench his thirst for answers... So he returned to his notes, awaiting further development of the meeting.

Evans snuck in at the last second. He had responded to a call while out on security rounds and knew he would probably be in hot water for being late, but gave a nod and apologetic smile to the CO and took a seat as quietly as possible.

Shaking his head Sular stood up. He tapped a few buttons on the console on the table and a holographic projection of the map of known Federation space appeared at the center of the table. "Alright, ladies and gentlemen. The crew is aboard and it's time to get this ship moving. We've been given our first assignment. We are headed to the Typhon Expanse." He tapped another button and a red circle appeared in the very northern part not only of the Federation but of known space in the quadrant. "We are headed north. North of the Romulan border. The only ship that has ever been even in the edges of the expanse was the Enterprise but that was years ago. We will be mapping the region of the expanse."

Typhon Expanse was a region of space located in the Fries Posnikov and Typhon sectors of the Beta Quadrant this place was well-known for its spectacular celestial, and temporal phenomena.

Last time Ksawery heard that name was when captain Morgan Bateson of the USS Bozeman was giving a guest lecture on the Temporal Physics... The man was uniquely qualified - as his old command USS Bozeman was imprisoned in the temporal loop in the sector... It took the USS Enterprise crew to free both ships from the phenomenon.

"I will program our ships long range sensors to inform us about any chroniton particles distortions... Hopefully we will be notified beforehand" Ksawery said. almost making a note to himself... As he wanted to avoid Bozeman's fate...

Hunter leaned forward.

"Sir, the Typhon Expanse is on the border with the Kzin Patriarchy, I studied their fascinating bio-engineering techniques during my research with..." He hesitated, fished for the right words before simply adding: "During my research. Can we expect to encounter them on this mission? "

Natsuko noted the doctor's words and made a note on the PADD to read the man's file as soon as she could and find out what he knew about the area. She needed to know if that research was dangerous. She had to admit she had not considered a doctor as a threat, which made her rather dumb in that respect. But then she had not been on the ship long. As people spoke she made notes and filed them. Also her own knowledge of the Kzinti made her wonder if they could be involved with things beyond the sight of the Federation.

Sular shook his head. "We will be going nowhere near the Kzin Patriarchy. Starfleet has no interest in possibly starting off another war with them. Yes, we've won every time but it isn't worth the cost at this point in time. We have enough to occupy us with the Romulans, Cardassians, and on the other side of the worm hole with the Gamma quadrant should the Dominion try to take another stab at us. Our job right now is to simply explore, chart, and study the Expanse. We are also ordered to see if we can find the reason and cause of the temporal incidents that are seemingly happening inside the Expanse. That is where I expect all of our focus to be."

Chris was looking forward to exploring the Gamma quadrant and didn't want the crew or ship to be in any danger. He however was excited to see the Armageddon in action. She was an impressive vessel, the defensive systems where state of the art and the armament very impressive. Not to mention the Normandy class starship was a carrier and they would have fighters for back up in certain situations.

Xavier listened on the information provided by the commander, he looked outside on the vastness of space - and looked toward the CO.

"It can be a number of reasons sir. Some range from wormholes that transport in time rather than in space, to ancient weaponry designed to hurt incorporeal beings, like the Wormhole Aliens... And if you are afraid that we may encounter such an incident, I can create a detailed report on those theories and present them to the senior Staff and you sir... I will also make necessary adjustments to the sensors to alert us about presence of the chroniton particles beforehand" Xavier suggested, and looked again outside. He looked as he was reviewing additional options in his head - but he was not able to come up with additional ideas at the time...

This had... Potential. To be quite fair, Xavier always leaned toward the concept of some echo of an ancient war... Mainly because of his interest in ancient civilizations... But to be fair, it was just as good theory as any... He remembered even some Vulcan scientist... Sokar, who from time to time sounded like a conspiracy nut - who claimed that events in the expanse were remnants of some Romulan experiment that went seriously wrong...

"Well, sir. Sick Bay is hardly set up to deal with the less ordinary consequences of chroniton exposure." Hunter said, "Unless there's anything more, my staff and I have a lot of old mission reports to read. If anyone starts getting younger, or devolving into lizards I don't want to have to treat them in a sick bay set up for a fight with the Dominion."

Natsuko stared at the Chief medical officer in shock. One did not just dismiss themselves from briefings... She could not believe her ears. This was not going to end well at all.

Sular raised an eyebrow. "There is always more lieutenant. Considering I haven't handed out assignments to each department as of yet." He took a breath before looking around the table. "Alright people this is go time. Flight ops as soon as we are done here plot a course for the Expanse at maximum warp. It's going to take us a little time to get there but I want to be there as quickly as possible. Security and tactical, I want you to go over your roster and get patrols started that way they know the routine by the time we reach the Expanse. This way if anything does happen they will know how to respond quickly on board. Medical and counseling, I want you to get your departments in working order and be ready. We may be dealing with things of a temporal nature so there is possibly going to be something you will need to deal with in that arena. Engineering and Operations, you are to work together to make sure we don't fly apart at the seams getting there or while in the expanse." He chuckled slightly at his small joke. "You may need to make corrections for the possible anomalies in the Expanse. Look up Starfleet's records from when the Enterprise was there and see if there is anything useful to you for those adjustments. Intelligence, I want all known reports of that region of space. Look through them and anything that you deem of importance or possible danger put into a report and have it on my desk asap. Science, it's your time to shine. I want you to work on possible ways of negating the anomalies we may find in the expanse. Temporal or otherwise. Work with intelligence, engineering, and operations for information as well as implementation. I want a list of options on my desk before we reach the Expanse. If we are going to have to make modifications that we can't do ourselves then Deep Space Five will be the last place we can do so."

He looked around one more time. "Alright ladies and gentlemen. You have your orders. Unless there are any other questions you are dismissed."

Xavier noded. "I will have the list of certain ideas at 1400 hours for you to review and accept sir" he said, and nodded to the gathered team, he than walked out of the briefing room heading to his office.

He had quite a few thinks to review, and there was little time - he had few ideas about the temporal distortions, but other dangers of the expanse was a whole different matter.

As the other officers began to leave, Jacob picked up his Padd, gave a brief nod to Sular and left the briefing room heading straight to Astrometrics.

"Qapla'!" Kollin said to the assembled crew before making her way to the Bridge.

Natsuko stood in silence and nodded at the Captain before leaving the briefing room. She was not impressed by certain members of the senior staff. If this was the level of professionalism, then this was going to be a clusterfuck of intergalactic proportions to her mind.

With all other officers having left, Wyatt stood up with a sigh and strode to return to his bridge shift.

Cmdr Sular Vivano
Commanding Officer
USS Armageddon

Lt Cmdr Elliot Wyatt Jr.
Executive Officer
USS Armageddon

Lieutenant JG Philip Hunter
Chief Medical Officer
USS Armageddon

Lieutenant JG Natsuko Akayama
Chief of Intelligence
USS Armageddon

Lieutenant JG Ksawery Wilczyński
Chief Science Officer
USS Armageddon

Ensign Jacob McCall ENS
Flight Control Officer
USS Armageddon

Ensign Kollin Igh
Operations Officer
USS Armageddon

Lieutenant JG Christopher Evans
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Armageddon


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