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Stone Cold Arrival

Posted on Mon Jan 30th, 2017 @ 4:27pm by Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: Current -21h

Natsuko sighed as she felt the shuttle touch down in the shuttle bay of the USS Armageddon. She had just spent Christmas with Jasmine and Marco on Risa.

Marco was thinking about dating again and had wanted Natsuko there to help explain it to Jasmine. She had been unable to resist the chance to see them both again.

And then there was the words of “Suki, you know this is for the best nothing will change between us nor will the arrangements change but she needs to understand that I am moving on and that you support it. Please Suki.”

Calling her Suki was dirty pool to her mind as she had a lot of memories where he had whispered that name in passion. And in his voice had always turned her bones to mush. What would he do if he wanted to remarry? Ask her to tell Jasmine and attend the wedding? Heaven forbid. She'd be more likely to stab the poor woman with her salad fork.

Standing she grabbed her duffle at her feet, hit a code on the PADD in her hand and made sure her belongings were beamed to her new quarters. Then she exited the shuttle to find a lone, bored looking ensign waiting for her.

“Name?” he said as if he didn’t care and he most likely didn’t.

He didn’t even glance at her uniform or rank. She could have been a Klingon warrior male dressed in really, bad human 1800 period drag and he would not have noticed her. She hated that inattention. It was sloppy and careless.

She frowned at him barely concealing her distaste.

“Ensign” she said coldly. “Do you greet all new officers this way?”

Still not looking up from the console in front of him he causally shrugged “Look lady it is late...”

“Lieutenant.” She corrected him abruptly interrupting. “I am Lieutenant JG Akayama Natsuko, recently of the USS Cavalry. And I am the new chief of Intelligence. You are an Operations Officer yes?”

He gulped and nodded wondering how to salvage this.

“And you have no security to assist you?”

“No Ma’am”

“Sir. I prefer Sir.” Natsuko said coldly. What were people thinking? Shuttle bays were a key entry point and ship security should have a presence. She would deal with that, she could already think up several ways to infiltrate the ship. Obviously the Chief of security had not had time to implement changes since they took over. “My cabin assignment if you please.”

He found it and handed it over.

“And notify the Chief of security that I am aboard.”

The ensign nodded and looked a bit sour.

She nodded to him coolly noting the attitude and said as she turned for the door. “I suggest you start by improving your attitude ensign before someone does it for you.” And with that the diminutive Japanese officer left the shuttle bay and headed for her quarters.

The ensign watched her go and let his shoulders fall. He would have to warn the Intelligence officers he knew, seems the new chief was a hard-arse and that her arse was not bad to watch stalk away.

Natsuko found her way to her cabin in short time. She entered the cabin, found her belongings already beamed in, tossed her duffle on the bed in the main bedroom, noted the second bedroom for Jasmine when she visited. Perfect.


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