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Bad Medicine

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 4:32am by Lieutenant JG Philip Hunter & Commander Sular Vivano

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Sick Bay
Tags: Commander Sular Vivano

Home. This would be home for the forseeable future. The Armageddon's sick bay carried the unmistakable scent of antiseptic, and glimmered under a dozen glowing LCARS screens. Unlike most sick bays, this left little room for comfort, row after row of spartan beds marked it immediately as a marines sick bay - designed to handle battle wounds and triage.

His staff assembled at one end of the room as Paul Hunter reviewed the facility. When he turned back to the door and saw the dozen doctors, surgeons, and nurses awaiting his words he suddenly found his mouth dry and his mind blank.

"Well..." He began - an inauspicious start. "I wish I had some inspiring words to give you, or to tell you how we're about to embark on a great adventure. I can't do that. All I will say is that we have to work together and trust one another, so I will be entirely honest with you and I expect you to show me the same courtesy."

He took a tricorder from its holster and passed it over himself before handing it to a young intern, barely out of the academy.

"Everyone has to undergo a physical before they get underway, so... this is mine. What does it tell you, Ensign?"

"Erm..." She began, scrunching her face up like a rabbit. "According to this your liver is on the verge of collapse, your adrenal gland is completely under artificial control, your heart is practically bursting and... I've never seen brain wave readings like this. Sir, how are you even alive?"

"Work that one out and you can publish the paper." Hunter chuckled. "I'm telling you this because during this mission in going to need each and every one of you to be prepared to step up when and if I can't. We're going to need to rely on one another."

He walked over to a computer terminal and confirmed that he was on duty.

"Now, who'd like to tell the captain that he needs a physical, too?"

There was hesitation, then the young ensign swallowed a deep breath and tapped her comm-badge.

"Sick bay to Commander Vivano... please report for your pre-flight physical..." She looked up at Hunter like a naughty child to her co-conspirator. Hunter smiled.

Sular was in his ready room going over reports and star charts of the area they were being sent on their first mission. He was not exactly liking the look of it. He was excited and looking forward to being on the mission. However, that region of space..... He was about to tell the computer to reread him the latest reports from that sector when his comm badge beeped. He heard the voice of what had to be a very hesitant ensign. He raised an eyebrow. A of all times. His med file was on board and available for the Chief Medical Officer to view. That should be information enough on his health and state of well being. With a growl he stood from his chair and headed out of his ready room.

Heading to the turbo lift he waited for the doors to close. "Deck ten" He waited as the lift headed to that deck. He stepped out immediately and started down the hallway as soon as the doors opened. Reaching the medbay he looked around at all the assembled staff. "This had best not be someone's idea of a prank or I'll keel haul the lot of you." To say he was irritated was an understatement.

"Commander." Said Hunter, stepping forward and holding out his hand, "Philip Hunter, Chief Medical Officer reporting for duty. Please excuse the... less than typical introduction, I was demonstrating a point."

Hunter saw that his explanation had done little to cool his CO's temper.

"However, Starfleet regulations do state that all commanding officers 'must submit for a physical medical investigation overseen by the most senior medical officer' before disembarking on any mission scheduled to be longer than six months." Hunter explained, quoting directly from regulations. "I can assure you, this won't take long, sir."

Sular raised an eyebrow. "I would assume Doctor that my complete medical record is already on file. What more could you need? Everything should be listed there. I've not sustained any new injuries since I've been on board. Sitting in my ready room reading reports and going over resource allocation and mission parameters is not exactly something dangerous."

He shook the doctor's hand in a firm grip. He understood that they were following protocol. However, he had a hundred things to do before they got underway and most of them needed to be done as of yesterday.

"Fair enough, Commander. Regulations state that you need a physical examination - it doesn't clarify how... thorough that examination needs to be." Hunter said, wincing at his CO's grip. "The... evidence suggests you're in fine health. Good day, Commander."

Philip watched the Commander leave, quietly simmering at the way he'd humiliated him in front of his staff. He composed himself, assumed a fixed smile and turned back to the medical bay.

"...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we need to support each other as a team." He said, then he started to massage his hand, "Ensign, can you please pass me the sub-dermal regenerator?"


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