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Meeting with the CO

Posted on Fri Feb 3rd, 2017 @ 8:00am by Commander Sular Vivano & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD

Mission: Shakedown
Location: CO's Ready Room
Timeline: Before "Seting Up"


Xavier addjusted his new uniform, and once again looked at his orders - checking if everything was in order... So there we are... It was a long time since Wilczyński was posted on a starship... Year seemed like a lifetime.

He pushed the buzzer of the CO's ready room...

Looking up from the console on his desk Sular raised an eyebrow. He didn't recall any meetings. Tugging his uniform straight he looked towards the door. "Enter."

Door slided open and Wilczyński entered the ready room, he scaned the area with an inquisitive gaze, and moved toward the man in the chair.

"Good day sir. Lieutenant Junior Grade Xavier Wilczyński, chief science officer, reporting for duty" Xavier said with a smille, and a welcoming nod - and handed commander Vivano PADD with the orders.

Sular nodded and waved towards one of the chairs on the other side of his desk with one hand as he took the PaDD from him. "Have a seat lieutenant." He briefly scanned over the orders on the PaDD with a grunt. "Astrophysics, Stellar Cartography, and it appears Archaeology as well. That is good because you are going to need it where we are headed." Sular set the PaDD down on his desk and looked at the man. "I'm not going to lie to you. Your skills are going to be tested. Where this ship is being sent is a region of space that no starfleet ship has ever fully explored. The last Federation ship that was in that sector was the Enterprise but that was years ago. You'll get the rest of the information on our upcoming mission when I brief the senior staff. I trust this won't be an issue?"

Wilczyński noded. "Nobody said it was going to be easy when we signed up for Starfleet" he said. "If I might ask sir, where are we going? Enterprise adventures are well documented, and lets face it... Necessary read in the Academy, but they were almost everywhere in this known universe - and some others probably as well, it doesn't narrow the field" Xavier said with a smille, and a hint of excitement... Slightly similar to a kid who is about to perform scientific experiment for the first time in life.

Sular nodded. "Indeed, our jobs as Starfleet officers were not promised to be easy. However, if we wanted easy we could have just stayed at home. As for the particulars of the mission. Everything will be laid out at the mission briefing in the next couple of days. I do not wish to be repeating myself a hundred times to everyone. I would advise taking the time to make sure your department is ready to go."

"Not a problem. I looked at the department rooster. We are still awaiting few officers who will be arriving from their current postings, but everything should be running smoothly before we leave... The enlisted personnel is prepearing the laboratories as we speak... All is left, is to perform the final calibrations of the sensor array, but we need to do it enroute..." Wilczynski assured the commanding officer.

Sular nodded and stood up and held his hand out to the lieutenant. "That is what I like to hear. I'll let you get settled in and see to your department. Welcome aboard lieutenant."

Xavier shook Vivanos hand, and smilled. "Glad to be here" he said, and with a nod left the office to continue with his tasks.


Lieutant Junior Grade Ksawery Wilczyński
Chief Science Officer
USS Armagedon


Commander Sular Vivano
Commanding Officer
USS Armageddon


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