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The Commander

Posted on Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 @ 1:16pm by Ensign Jacob McCall ENS & Commander Sular Vivano

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Outside the Captain's ready room.
Timeline: 16:00


James adjusted his uniform and waited.

1650 hours, 10 minutes until his meeting with his commanding officer. The ship hummed around him, the background noise, the vibrations and smell of new ship would soon fade into his subconscious not to be noticed. But now they were real. Shortly he would meet his captain a new comrade, would they be friends or mere acquaintances thrown together by fate, only the future would decide. And James waited.

Vivano sat in his chair in the captain's ready room. Which had him shake his head on occasion as he was a commander but the captain of the ship in name. He took a drink of his coffee and looked down at the terminal on his desk. He was going through manifest reports and overlooking the last of the scheduling for refit and repairs to the Armageddon. The new crew was filtering in slowly but surely. There were still a few positions to be assigned but that was the same story for any ship getting ready to finally leave "drydock".

At 17:00, James pressed the door buzzer to the captain’s ready room.

Vivano looked up from the report he was looking at and raised an eyebrow. He checked his schedule and nearly facepalmed. He had forgotten about the meeting with the new Chief Flight Officer who was also coming on board as the second officer. He straightened his uniform and looked towards the door. "Come."

The door slid open and James marched in. He stood in front of the desk. James was never sure how to act in front of commanding officers, relaxed and casual or disciplined like a marine on parade. He went for somewhere in between. Loosely to attention, head and eyes staring above eye level. “Lieutenant Stevenson, reporting. Sir.”

Vivano looked at the Lieutenant for a moment without saying a word. Not out of any attempt of intimidation, but he always tried to gauge the people he worked with fairly on first impressions. He stood up and offered his hand to the man. "Welcome aboard lieutenant. I trust you have reported to Ops already to get your berthing assignment? If not then I'd suggest making that your next stop. All of the senior officers quarters are on deck two. I'll be assigning you to first shift. I like to keep all of my senior officers at their best. Are there any questions you have?"

James shook Vivano’s hand , “Yes Sir, my quarters have been assigned, just walking the ship at the moment getting a feel for her.” James’s thoughts were on his new role “Visiting a few departments getting known.” However there were a few piloting issues James needed to raise. “We’ll need to schedule some test flights and see what the Armageddon’s made of and how she handles. Also if possible I need to get some hours in the shuttles. The holodeck simulation is all very well but it can never match the actual hours.”

Vivano shook his head as he sat down. "I'm afraid any test flights will have to be postponed til after the refit of the ship is done and the rest of the crew is on board. We need to be out of dry dock on schedule. We can see about a shakedown run once the ship is out of dock."

“Aye-aye sir, I’ll stick to the holodeck for the moment.” James stiffened slightly, “If that’s all sir, I would like to go and inspect the Shuttle bays.”

Vivano nodded to James. "Indeed that will be all. Dismissed lieutenant."


Cmdr Sular Vivano
Commanding Officer
USS Armageddon

Lieutenant JG James Stevenson
Second Officer
USS Armageddon


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