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Per Astra

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 3:13am by Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Yellowstone class runabout - SS Ticonderoga
Timeline: Current


Xavier was looking at his new orders, scaning through them with certain amazement. USS Armagedon, Chief Science Officer - he read on the PADD... Along with all the necessary codes, and authorizations that was required.

To be quite fair, he still was surprised with the situation... For the past year, he was excaveting ruins on Xi V with handfull of Starfleet officers and students, who couldn't tell the difference between spade and shovel... Still the experience was fascinating... The Shedai monuments they uncovered brought quite a revelation - however they were able to excavate them only a month ago... Message from Earth came, ordering Xavier to take new posting, and request to extend his sabbatical was denied...

Service is service, so Xavier boarded USS Granger - which took him to the Vanguard station, and from there he traveled about USS Decard... He was supposed to reach Sol system, however after urgent command from Starfleet the Decard had to alter course and travel to Starbase 74...

And so Xaview was now sitting in the chair, reading his orders yet again - with petty officer 1st class Porkani as his only companion... Porkani was a Zaldan, and he was the pilot of the SS Yellowstone runabouts assigned to Earth Spacedock, espcially for such circumstances... However, why did Starfleet choose a Zaldan for such job, was beyond Xaviers comperhension.

The Zaldans were an aggressive humanoid civilization, and members of the UFP. They hold firm belief in total honesty, to the point that chivalry is considered insulting... And since honesty is refreshing, one can help to think that it would hurt if from time to time Zaldans maybe... Sugar coated a little.

"We are close" Porkani said, after taking a look at the sensors - they were very close to the borders of Sol system, and before reaching Jupiter they would have to drop out of Warp... Standard procedure for all the vessels reaching sector 001.

Xavier noded. "Good. I wish I was finally on the ship. This accomodations are actually not what I had in mind" Wilczyński said, however he did feel uncomfortable admitting to that.

"And what did you have in mind lieutenant" Porkani asked, with slight anger in his voice.

"A starship, something comfortable to addjust before going back to space... Well for a few years" Xavier answered.

This did not sound as something he would said, or wasn't exactly what he felt. He did have issues with talking to Zaldans. This honesty thing was more uncomfortable than one would think. We tend to have slight discomforts in our lifes, but when we say about it - we tend to shrug them off. But with these guys... You did not know, if saying that this is only a slight disadvantage would cut it.

Like walking on a mine field Xavier thought to himself... To be fair, Wilczyński was always a loner - and he truly disliked talking to people - and interacting in a social matters, so this journey seemed longer than it really was.

Interacting with humans, vulcans and other species who had similar concepts on social interactions was hard enough, but dealing with species with such weird views on honesty - was slightly too much for Xavier.

The runabout droped out of warp close to Jupiter, Porkani addjusted speed to 1/2 imulse and after few minutes, they were near the space docks... About hundred ships were orbiting Earth Spacedock at the moment, few were on geostationary orbit over Earth itself - and Xavier noticed at least 2 defiant class vessels from the 3rd Fleet on close patrol routes inside Sol system.

"This is SS Ticonderoga to Spacedock control, requesting permision to enter" Zaldan said through the runabouts comm device.

"Welcome Ticonderoga. You are cleared to enter spacedock at mark 1.87" girls voice from control answered.

"Acknowledged" said Porkani, and addjusted the course which cause runabout to move slightly.

After few additional minutes they reached Earth Spacedock. Massive bulkhead opened, and runabout flew in. Xavier was always enthralled by the size of spacedock type stations. They were masive even by Starfleet standards, and since he was coming from a planet that was primitive to say the least, it was always an incredible feeling.

Than he saw his new posting... USS Armagedon a Normandy calss vessel... That required a crew of more than a 1000, and was almost 1 km long... That was a big ship, and one that was not built with exploration on mind. 28 decks, and only 2 science labs he thought to himself... However he hoped that their mission would be that of an exploration, and not straight military cruise...

Once they have reached position that was marked on the navigational console, Xavier moved his packed belongings on to the transporter pad, and pressed his commbadge.

"Earth Spacedock one to beam on to the USS Armagedon" he hated the concept of beaming, but docking was out of the question at the moment.

"Acknowledged. Please wait" docks transporter chief answered.

Wilczyński looked at Porkani, and noded "Chief" he said as farewell.

Zaldan smilled in return, and returned the nod.

As he did so, Xavier disappeared in a beam of light - and two distinct images overlapped with each other. After a second of coldness, and slight discomfort Wilczyński appeared in the transporter room of the Armagedon.

Young female transporter operator smilled at him. "Welcome to the USS Armagedon lieutenant" she said with a smille.

"It's good to be here" Xavier said, and returned the smille.

There was a lot to do now.



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