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Good Evening...

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2016 @ 11:13am by Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Deck 8, "Reaver's" Barracks
Timeline: Arrival day, 1630


Will returned to the barracks. After checking his uniform, making sure everything was straight and neat, he entered by the opposite side of the dorm. One of the Sergeants was having a discussion with a few marines, glass in hand, and at the view of the Gunny, was about to call the platoon to attention. Will raised his hand slightly signaling him that there was no need to. He personally welcomed aboard every marine he met with a handshake or a pat on the back. He made his way to the center where the cases were initially dropped to see them neatly set aside. A private hands him metal goblet with the company and the platoon logo embossed on it, they could also see “USS Armageddon” engraved at its base. A good part of last year’s replicator rations went in those. Everyone got one to keep as a memento of this tour. A corporal presented the few different drinks available and Will picked one.

As his glass was getting filled, he looked around to see quite a few marines out of uniform; some took off the regulation jacket, others wearing civvies. He thanked the man giving him his drink and welcomed him aboard. He kept on greeting his marines all the way to the other end of the barracks, to the vestibule with access to his quarters. It was now 1710 and Grailar made his entrance with 2 people with repulsorlifts… 10 minutes late. ~Civilians~ he thought.

Grailar: “Ahhhh Sergeant!” he said with open arms. “I’ve replicated delicacies from all around the Federation; here we have…”

But Will didn’t really care about what he brought, all he wanted was good food, on time and plenty of it.

Rollins: “I’m sure it will be a feast they will remember. Thank you of your promptness.” he said no sarcasm intended. After all, the Bolian did deliver a tall order in short notice and almost respected the deadline.

Grailar: “I am truly sorry for slight delay, but you will be more than satisfied with the results.”

Rollins: “I’m sure they will. Don’t worry about the equipment, we will return everything tomorrow morning.”

The Bolian nodded and returned to the setting up of the feast he had prepared. Will watched as his men gathered casually to the buffet and enjoyed its culinary treasures. He approached a Sergeant and casually told him to end the shin dig around midnight, inspection would be at 0600 the next morning as usual. At his turn, he filled a plate, refilled his glass and headed for his quarters unnoticed while the Sergeant made his way to the other NCOs.

Will installed himself at his desk, food and drink included. It's been awhile since he’d sent a message to his parents, he had been busy training his marines. He wanted to thank them as well for sending some of that liquor he served his men, they enjoyed it and his parents deserved to know. After spending over an hour recording a long message, warning his parents that delays between messages might vary depending on the distance between the ship and a subspace relay, he sent his message. Will took a couple more hours reviewed his duties for the next week and confirmed the deployment of his squads. Then he got undressed, put away his clothes neatly and went to bed; tomorrow was the first duty day and no way he would be caught tired… he would maybe a little, but not enough to show.


GySgt William Rollins
1st Platoon "Reavers"
SFMC 2nd Battalion Bravo Company
USS Armageddon
Task Force 47b
Obsidian Fleet


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