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“your standard flight test”

Posted on Fri Dec 23rd, 2016 @ 2:48pm by Ensign Jacob McCall ENS

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Holodeck 3

Jacob felt the ship moving, the lights on the control panel flicked from off to on, green to red to blue, as the systems responding to his instructions. Inertial dampers here, then the manoeuvring thrusters there. The training officer standing over his shoulder, so close that Jacob could feel the Andorran’s warm breath on his neck.
The course was simple enough, “your standard flight test” It would have been described at the academy. Two parallel lines of bois stretching into the distance and Jacob had to fly the ship in between them. Every so often the lines would snake round, loop or twist over. The lines then wound their way through an asteroid field. This particular exercise was not timed so Jacob kept the ship on a constant speed and wound his way through the course.
“Excellent” The instructor spoke. “Computer run Training programme Charlie 6729.”
The screen blinked and Jacob could see a large roughly spherical shaped star cluster.
“So Ensign, what do you see?” Jacob “A globular cluster , Sir”
“Good and what is the difficulty here?” The instructor asked in his slow deliberate manner.
“Gravimetric interference, sir. When we fly through these clusters we have to compensate for gravimetric interference.” Before the Andorran could speak again Jacob had shifted his chair to the adjacent screen and brought up the stellar cartography interface.
Unbeknown to Jacob, the instructor smiled at his preemptive action.
“Plot a course to the coordinates marked on your screen.” Jacob looked and began to type, firstly laying in the course, secondly compensating for variations and thirdly setting the speed changes which also would be needed.
“Course laid in sir,”


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