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Hors d'oeuvre anyone?

Posted on Sun Dec 18th, 2016 @ 9:15am by Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Mess Hall, Deck 2
Timeline: 1615 hours, arrival day


Will was on the hunt for food and the sure place to get chow is the mess hall. In his left hand was a bottle of ale, one of many that had procured for the occasion. Many favors and replicator rations were spent to get them, but it was all worth it. Down below, his marines were enjoying themselves and all that was missing, is food.

The doors opened on a nearly deserted room. Lights were low and the only people there seemed to be the staff getting ready for the evening service. Behind the counter was a Bolian polishing glasses. Will approached the man, keeping the bottle out of view.

Rollins: “Excuse-me.”

Bolian: “You’re excused…” he said indifferent to Will’s presence.

As the man was reaching for another glass, Will reached out and forced easily the glass back down on the counter. The Bolian looked over at him, ready to tell him off, but before he could speak, Will continued.

Rollins: “I’m Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins. I’m having a reception down below… a private gathering, and I’m missing a key ingredient.”

Bolian: “I don’t think I can help you.” he replied retrieving his hand.

Will grinned, took out the bottle and set it on the counter.

Rollins: “That’s too bad, I was ready to compensate you for your troubles.”

The eyes of the Bolian widen. He reached out for the bottle, but Will grabbed it before his fingers touch the flask. Taking one of the polished glasses, Will opened the bottle and served a sip to the man in front of him. Grabbing the glass, the Bolian first made the liquid swerve in the glass as he smelled the aromas. The then closed his eyes and, pinky finger in the air, brought the glass to his lips. The expression of satisfaction as the liquid made his way down to his belly.

Bolian: “My name is Grailar… what did you have in mind?”

Rollins: “Well, I have 30 marines who are celebrating our arrival on the ship and they’re hungry. We didn’t want to bother the rest of the ship, so we kept it simple in our barracks. I’ll leave the details to you but keep in mind that it's standing room only down there.”

Grailar: “Very well, I’ll have it all ready in 2 hours.” he said reaching for the bottle.

Rollins: “30 minutes…” he replied taking the bottle of the surface.

Grailar: “But… But… Fine, 30 minutes…” he confirmed reaching for his prize.

Rollins: “Then it’s agreed. I just want to specify, us marines have a thing about punctuality; the lack of it irritates us.”

Will set the bottle on the counter and pushed it towards Grailar’s hand.

Rollins: “Nonetheless, it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

The Bolian held the bottle is his hands and looked at it like a treasure.

Grailar: “Pleasure was all mine Gunny.”

Will nodded, left the mess hall and headed back to deck 9. Once the victuals at the barracks, his plan would be complete.


GySgt William Rollins
1st Platoon "Reavers"
SFMC 2nd Battalion Bravo Company
USS Armageddon
Task Force 47b
Obsidian Fleet


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