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Welcome to the Armageddon

Posted on Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 9:20pm by Ensign Jacob McCall ENS

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Armageddon’s transporter room

Jacob felt himself materialising in the Armageddon’s transporter room. His first glimpse of his new ship came into focus; there was a tall Lieutenant Commander standing with a squat Petty Officer 1st Class. The lieutenant nodded a greeting “Good luck and watch out for the port differential drop off when you switch from computer to manual controls” he said as they passed. Before Jacob could reply the two men had climbed onto the transporter pad and were already disappearing on whatever adventure their life was about to take.

“Get yourself to holodeck one, it’s just down the corridor” the Transporter chief shouted in a very rushed tone. Jacob noted the queue of people waiting to leave the ship with already more personnel arriving behind him. The ship was entering the final stages of readiness just before launch and the chief was having a very busy shift.
Jacob followed the line to holodeck one which had been programed to operate as an arrival and departure lounge of a Bolen sky train. He had his retina scanned and his com badge calibrated. “Welcome to the Armageddon” he thought as he was handed a padd by a harassed looking Bolan purser. He quickly scanned through the information and on finding where his quarters were, using Padd’s map as a guide, he headed along the pristine new corridors to his room. In so doing he took his first steps into becoming an Armageddon crew member.

His room was a lot smaller than the standard Junior officers quarters, however this had the advantage of not having to share. The room had only enough space for a bed with overhead storage, a small desk and a shower room. “A noggin of a room” would have been how his brother would have described it. The console on his desk beeped. The incoming message was from Rose Ro his sister who was on USS Adler, a hospital ship based with the 9 fleet on the Klingon neutral zone. He pressed the accept button and the recorded message began to run.
“Hi Jay, congratulations on graduating from the academy, I’m sorry we could not make it. Just spoken to mum. Her and dad are very proud and I have heard just that you have already got a ship.” Her voice became high pitched at that point showing her excitement. The message went on for a few more minutes, she talked about the latest mission there were on and of how his parents had enjoyed the few weeks since graduation with him. Once the message finished he shut the screen down. He sat back in his chair and let his mind wonder over the last few weeks.

He had graduated several weeks ago but unlike some of his colleagues he had not been posted aboard a ship straight away and had returned to Birmingham with his parents. Then his orders had come through. Since then his life had felt like time had accelerated with the excitement. A final round of goodbyes, traveling to space, the relative short trip from earth to Mars,it seemed before he knew it, he was here.
The console bleeped again, bringing him out of his melancholy state. “Flight simulation, tomorrow 11:00 Holodeck one.”…


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