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Home Sweet Home

Posted on Fri Dec 16th, 2016 @ 11:18am by Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Marine Barracks, Deck 8
Timeline: 1600 hours, arrival day


After extracting his squad leaders from the ranks, he gave them his instructions before returning them to their respective squads. Will dismissed the platoon and walked to the right hand side entrance to the barracks as he heard his sergeants bark the orders to their squads.

The doors opened up to light grey vestibule with the doors to the sanitary facility in front of him, the arch way leading the the junior enlisted men's section to his left, and to his right was the door to his room. The doors whoosh open as he approached and he noticed his two crates were delivered. In front of him was an alcove with his bed with overhead and under bed hidden storage compartment. To the right of his bed, was the pull out closet to hang his uniform, while on the left side was a mirror with a pull out sink. On the wall next to the door, was a plain desk with computer access terminal and a chair. At last, on the wall on the left hand side of the room was a closed view screen. The room was just about the size of a brig holding cell. It was simple, efficient and just the right size; it was perfect. Will hanged his uniforms, put away his belongings in the storage compartments, set the picture frame of his parents on his desk and stood in front of the mirror to straighten his uniform. Once satisfied of the results, he looked at his watch; he had a minute or two left. He made sure his bed sheets were tight and headed out the door, pulling out the two crates.

Will dropped the crates in the vestibule at the entrance of the archway and stood there at exactly the time he told the squad leaders he would be. Marine barracks are simple and efficient. It consist of 2 access points. At one end, a vestibule with the SNCO’s quarters/office and access to the sanitaries, while at the other end is the second access to the lavatories and a small corridor where are located the squad leaders’ individual rooms and the NCOs’ office. In the middle are 10 cubicles each containing 4 alcoves set up like bunk beds. Each set of alcoves can have 2 hidden storage compartments under the lower bunk and 2 pull out closets rack between the foot of the sleeping area and the wall. Each alcove has a privacy shutter, individual lighting and an integrated personal computer terminal. A surface of 5 feet by 10 feet separates the 2 sets of bunks to allow a breathable area for the bunkies. Cubicles face one another and separated by a 6 feet wide corridor. There is no male/female separate dorms; before being men and women, they are first and above all marines.

Sergeant: “ ‘ten-HUH.”

The marines hurried to step in the corridor in front of their bunks to attention.

Rollins: “At ease…” He started walking at a slow pace, hands in his back. He, from time to time, locked his stare with a random marine for a few seconds. Keeping his stern demeanor he proceeded. “Reavers, let me be the first to welcome you to your new home. For most of you, this will be your first tour, congrats. For the rest, it’s more than just another assignment. During these past months, we have trained to be ready for this ship and we will continue to train every day that we are on this boat. We are to be ready for every frag this ship will receive; we are one of its weapons like the torpedoes or the phasers. We are it's scalpel, and will strike with surgical precision at our targets.”

Arrived at the end of the corridor, he turned around and kept going. “Since my arrival, I’ve trained you hard. I’ve pushed you beyond your limits and you kept on wanting more… and it payed off. Because of your exceptional performances, the brass agreed to lets us make ourselves at home a few days in advance of the other platoons,” a satisfied smirk appeared on his face, “while they attempt to catch up to our achievements.”

Back where he started, he hides the grin and turned around to face the starring marines. “Tomorrow at 0500 starts our duties, but for tonight…” he grabs the first crate “... I ask the best…” he slides the first crate across half the corridor “... you are the best…” he grabbed the second crate and set it in front of him “... I give the best.” He opened the crate to reveal bottles of liquor of different kind, enough to seriously hinder everyone's judgement. As he gave out a bottle to his sergeants to start the festivities: “Final orders for tonight, you are all confined to barracks. Drink up, eat all you want, tomorrow starts the hard work. Have fun, that’s an order, DISMISS!”

As the troops started mingling and the refreshments were being poured, Will grabbed a bottle of brandy and headed out the barracks. All he needed now was food.


GySgt William Rollins
1st Platoon "Reavers"
SFMC 2nd Battalion Bravo Company
USS Armageddon
Task Force 47b
Obsidian Fleet


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