Getting to know the ship and crew

Posted on Wed Mar 8th, 2017 @ 11:16am by 1st Lieutenant Sy'ren Kejal

Kejal arranged a few mementos in his office. When he finished he looked around and thought it looked too cluttered, so he rearranged it all in a manner more becoming a Marine CO. He reviewed the mission briefing details and began to make a list of tactical scenarios to work with his personnel.

Stardate 71181.8 Marine Commander's Log

Now that I've settled in, I look forward to meeting with each squad and Gunnery Sergeant Rollins seems very capable. The mission will present a unique challenge to us all I think. Because of the anomalous nature of this space we may encounter things I've never seen first hand. The Starfleet crew seems excited to explore this region, I am a more cautious type. Personally I'd rather not spend the next half century dying over and over again.

"computer end log"