Lieutenant Thomas Mallory


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Lieutenant Thomas Mallory

Name Thomas Jason Mallory

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 225
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey/Blue
Physical Description Thomas maintains a muscled build for his height, focusing more on strength than mass. His brown hair remains in the traditional high and tight of the SFMC, echoed by the clean shaven appearance, and accenting his bright blue/grey eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Michael David Mallory, 65, Colonel, SFMC-Ret.
Mother Renee Allison Mallory, 62
Brother(s) David Jason Mallory, 45, Colonel, SFMC
Sister(s) None
Other Family Uncle-Matthew Davis McChord, 63; Aunt-Diana Anne McChord, 51;

Cousin-Matthew Thomas McChord, 44, Colonel, SFMC;

Cousin-Joseph Markus McChord, 42, Starfleet Chief Warrant Officer 4

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seen as calm and easygoing, Thomas makes it a point to be approachable by anyone. He never has someone do a job he hasn't already attempted to himself, but retains the strict discipline and mannerisms ingrained through family training as Marines.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent, adaptive, sociable

-Intolerant of excuses, perfectionist, has an explosive temper when fully angered
Ambitions Retirement and continue working independently afterwards within Research and Development.
Hobbies & Interests Marksmanship training, scuba diving, physical training, cooking. Loves music and reading. Maintaining his pet hedgehog "Spike". Journals and papers on a wide range of scientific and engineering topics.

Personal History Born on April 10, 2358 to Michael and Renee Mallory, Thomas was a very healthy baby who protested his own birth in a loud and forceful cry. As the youngest of the various Mallory children, there was no shortage of babysitters for him. Growing up, he would frequently take apart any machine or device left in his reach, not always successfully putting it back together. By the time he was five, he was watching his cousins and brothers beginning to prepare for their entry to the SFMC and made every attempt to keep up with them physically. Aptitude testing showed a high degree of skill in mechanics, engineering, sciences, and maths. As he began his education, it became more and more clear that his mechanical aptitude was stronger than his other skills and he was placed on an independent study program to hone his innate abilities. Living in a Fleet family, Thomas also began absorbing the culture of the SFMC and became more outgoing than he normally would have, in spite of constant moving around. By the time Thomas turned eight, he began watching as his brother entered training to become a SFMC Officer, followed a year later by his older cousin, then his last cousin enlisting in the fleet. Determined to join them, Thomas began working out physically more often, pushing himself in ways that even his father found to be dangerous in intensity. When he turned 15, the Dominion War broke out, and Thomas begged his parents to let him graduate early so he could enlist. For the next three years, every time he tried, he would be blocked from the one goal he set, and refocused his efforts more into being able to graduate early. Before he could complete schooling, the war came to an end.

As his senior year came to a close, his bitterness at being unable to participate in the Dominion war like the rest of his family led him to a decision to try and go on to a non-military college. Being his first true act of rebellion against his family's wishes, a loud and lengthy argument ensued between Thomas and Michael, ultimately resulting with Thomas leaving the house and not coming back. Over the next two years, he worked at odd jobs repairing equipment and machines and working out to vent his anger, while attending classes at night. Having learned from the family about his decision, his brother David and cousin Joseph both arranged to take a week of leave and try and straighten their former charge out. Initially refusing them entry to his smaller apartment, the two waited until he was coming back from classes to ambush him. They were unprepared for the fact that Thomas was now at his full height of 6' 3", taller than either, and looking more like he was living in a gym with a much more massive build. The element of surprise gave them the advantage, and Thomas finally agreed to let them in. For several hours the three talked with Thomas finally admitting his anger at not being allowed to enlist while the war was going on and feeling out of place with the service oriented family. Joseph pointed out that Thomas was never going to fit as a Marine with his personality and drives, and with David backing him up, convinced Thomas to take on a different challenge than any of their family had and try for a Fleet commission at the Academy. Walking him down to the recruiting offices, both Joseph and David had a word with the officer recruiting personnel and Thomas was scheduled to take the entrance exam the next week.

Scoring higher than average on the entrance exams, and combined with his academic record at the college, Thomas was accepted as an engineering track cadet for the class of 2382. Upon arrival, it wasn't hard to notice he was going to get more attention from the instructors and classmates thanks to his age, size, and upbringing. Over the next four years, he would be teased at the hands of his fellow cadets for being too Marine-like in his physical and weapons standards, even though several would come to him for help when they had issues. In his third year, Thomas was made an assistant class leader. While annoyed this would cut down his available time for working on practical projects, he found an unexpected pleasure in being able to get issues from his fellow cadets fixed or elevated, and conducting remedial training. His senior project, an emitter crystal system that operated a beam on a range of frequencies automatically and simultaneously, earned him an engineering commendation from the Academy, but a formal reprimand from his advisor for violating safety procedures. Graduation came, and Thomas was happy to see had been given a shipboard posting on the USS Tico, about to begin a patrol of the Kzinti border.

Reporting aboard the Tico, Thomas wasn't too surprised to learn that in spite of his standing at the engineering school of the academy, he was back on the bottom of the pile. Unlike the other Ensigns that came with him, he held back a bit and listened to what was going on him. In a few months, he was already fully qualified for the watches he could stand, and found the other junior engineers coming to him for help. As he worked through the various systems, Thomas began to see how the ship's setup could be improved by making changes to the existing. Putting together a draft, it took the better part of a year to get it right and for the CENG to approve even part of it, then more. After the mandatory two year period, he was recommended and approved for promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and given authority over a small team of engineering officers and enlisted to start implementing his proposed revision. Dividing it into several phases as to not interrupt vital systems, the job took over a year to get past the first stages, but there was already a noticeable improvement.

His performance on the Tico and the submissions made for improvements to the EPS and Warp drive systems, prompted an invitation for Thomas to join the Starship Development program at the Utopia Planitia yards over Mars. Upon his arrival he discovered this assignment would take all his tact, patience, and focus to prevent being run-over by the more senior members of the team. Over the next few months Thomas would learn to be more forceful to make his opinions and thoughts heard, and began earning a grudging respect from the other team members. A year in, he was surprised to receive his promotion to Lieutenant, and the new rank finally gave him enough standing to be considered equal with the other members. Several of the refinements and draft changes he proposed would find their way into the Immense Class project, and several other retrofittings currently ongoing.

Two years on the Development Program had given Thomas a lot of confidence in his troubleshooting skills, allowed him to voice ideas for improvements, and learn to lead a smaller team effectively. Despite being offered a second two-year term on the team, Thomas wanted a change, and asked for a Starbase assignment to help broaden his outlook. One month later, he received orders to report to Starbase 81 as Assistant Chief Engineer. Upon his arrival, it became clear that he would need to use a high amount of his people skills to help bring the Engineering Department back under control, as the Chief Engineer's policies and personality had soured many. In a frank conversation with the Andorian, permission was given to allow Thomas to handle personnel issues, leaving the technical ones to the CENG. Over the course of the next year, the environment in Engineering improved, and Thomas permanently assumed the personnel management duties. Additionally, Thomas began qualifying for every possible watch he could get his hands on, and added small-craft piloting to his list of accomplishments.

After almost four years, Thomas felt it was past time for a change. Consulting with his superiors before putting in the request for a new assignment, both the XO and CENG recommended based on his performance that he attempt to go for a Command Officer position instead of a Chief Engineer. For a few weeks, Thomas mulled over the recommendation, and finally decided to try it. Having strong recommendations from his department head, the XO and CO, Thomas was accepted for Line Officer training and departed for Earth.

His experiences on the base and in the fleet initially hindered Thomas, as he had to readjust from the actual practices to theory-based. After a few weeks, he was made class leader and realized that while his main interest was the engineering aspects, he could and did lead people well. Thomas managed to cause one brief flurry with his instructors, when he used an unconventional method of blowing up the Kobayashi Maru and two canisters of antimatter as a solution to the bridge officer test. Upon graduation from the course, he was given his first assignment to the USS Armageddon, a Normandy class carrier.
Service Record 2377-Applied for entry to StarFleet Academy, granted entrance for Class of 2382.
2378-Entered StarFleet Academy, Engineering Track.
2382-Graduated Starfleet Academy, commissioned as Ensign, assigned to USS Tico
2384-Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2386-Reassigned to Utopia Planita, Starship Development Program.
2387-Promoted to Lieutenant
2388-Reassigned to Starbase 81, Assistant Chief Engineer.
2392-Assigned to Command Officer training, Sol
2393-Assigned to USS Armageddon