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Ensign Kollin Igh

Name Kollin Igh

Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 190 cm
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Larger than the average human. Physically fit and muscular with the usual Klingon forehead ridges.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Achak Igh (deceased) Adopted father Captain Frank Schmidt
Mother Egara Igh (deceased) Adopted by Lieutenant Marlene Schmidt
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite being brought up by humans, Kollin has not lost the Klingon quick temper. However, the human traits of empathy and compassion along with the art of self control have been instilled in her by her adopted parents. Kollin has completed the Klingon warrior rights of passage and so sees herself as both a Klingon warrior in her own right as well as a Starfleet Officer. Her birth family warrior traditions are held dear to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses From the Academy her strengths lie with Astrophysics, Stellar cartography and Ship systems. She is an expert with the mek'leth.

Obviously her quick temper is a weakness, which did get Kollin into trouble in the Academy. Kollin is plagued by the feeling that she will never live up to the legacy of her parents heritage.
Ambitions Her present ambition is to reach the next rank. Having one of her paintings hung in the gallery of the iart museum on Ligobis X
Hobbies & Interests Kollin loves to paint and draw. Her favourite Holonovel is "The fables of Kalis" but also "The Hornblower novels" of C S Forrester, a 20th Century Earth author.

Personal History Born in 2369 Kollin was conceived during the Klingon Civil War, this was a conflict fought in early 2368 over the right to choose the next Chancellor of the Klingon High Council and the de facto leader of the Klingon Empire. The war was fought between forces loyal to Gowron to which Kollin’s parents belonged, the legally appointed candidate, and the supporters of the House of Duras, led by Lursa and B'Etor. This war was a decisive victory for Gowron, and this benefited Kollin’s family, however, it was only achieved through indirect assistance from the United Federation of Planets in exposing covert Romulan assistance to the forces of the Duras family. Once the war was over Gowron proceeded to establish strict control over the Empire. He appointed an entirely new High Council membership, including Kurn and several other key allies one of which was Kollin’s father who was sent to Earth where he became a member of the Klingon ambassador’s staff. Kollin was born on Earth.

Kollin’s first 4 years are happy ones, although her memories of these have faded, however, her overriding memory of this time is a good one, but this was about to change. Klingon children mature far more quickly than Human children. So by the time Kollin was one Earth year old, she had the appearance a Human child had at about four, this meant that she could interact with children of that age. Her parents, although both fiercely defenders of their Klingon traditions, believed that Kollin should experience the multicultural atmosphere of Earth. She quickly began to learn English and became fluent without the use of a translator.

Then in 2372 convinced by a Changeling posing as General Martok that the Cardassian government had been infiltrated by the Founders, the Klingon Empire invaded the Cardassian Union. However, the United Federation of Planets objected to this action, causing Chancellor Gowron to withdraw from the Khitomer Accords, ending their alliance. With this the Kollin family returned to Q'onoS. At the end of this year, the Changeling posing as General Martok convinceed Gowron to take further aggressive action, causing the Klingon Empire to annex the Archanis sector from the Federation, thereby starting an open war between the two powers. Believing that Kollin’s family would have a better understanding of the Federation they were sent with the Task force to attack Ajilon Prime. The Battle of Ajilon Prime is now seen as skirmish between forces of the United Federation of Planets and those of the Klingon Empire during the Federation-Klingon War. For Kollin it was to change her life.

The Klingons surprise attack quickly took two settlements in the northern hemisphere and destroyed the main hospital, trapping half the colonists on the planet. While the Klingons advanced on Ajilon Prime, Klingon ships destroyed the USS Farragut near the Lembatta Cluster which was supposed to reinforce the planet.
Subsequently, the USS Defiant left DS9 to aid the planet, but did not arrive until three days later to enforce a cease fire. During the hand to hand fighting her mother was killed.

Kollin’s father, now a commander of a Klingon bird of prey, allowed her to stay on his ship. Still morning her mother’s death her father was called to take part in Operation Return. His taskforce disembarked any non-combatants at a friendly planet and for the last time Kollin said goodbye to her father. Operation Return was the code-name for the combined counter-offensive of Starfleet and Klingon Defiance Force fleets against the Jem'Hadar and Cardassian military forces in the Bajoran sector, launched in mid-2374, with the specific aim of recapturing Deep Space 9 and re-establishing control over the Bajoran Wormhole. Despite coming perilously close to defeat, the outnumbered Federation fleet was saved from destruction by a delayed task force of Klingon warships containing her father’s ship, resulting in the collapse of the Dominion lines and their subsequent withdrawal. The recapture of Deep Space 9 proved to be an important victory for the Federation Alliance, enabling Starfleet to re-establish its forward operating base for operations in Cardassian space and temporarily setting back Dominion offensive operations. The price Kollin paid was a heavy one as she had lost both her parents to the war in quick succession.

There were many children of all races in this position; the war with the Dominion had been costly. Kollin was taken to a children’s camp on Bajor to await her repatriation back to Q'onoS. However, her life was about to take another direction.

The camp was run by the federation and a nurse there, lieutenant Marlene Schmidt was intriguied by the Kilngon girl that could read English and wheel a mek'leth. They became friends. Due to Kollin having no surviving relatives she was kept at the camp longer than children who could be placed with distant family members. Lieutenant Schmidt and her husband Captain Frank Schmidt were to be posted on to the USS London and they adopted Kollin. So at the age of 7 and just about to start jak'tahla, a Klingon form of puberty, she joined the Schmidt’s and lived in the family quarters of the science vessel the USS London.

It was on this ship she was to spend the rest of her childhood. Frank the Captain of the London was an artist and would spend his relaxing time in the holodeck. Kollin would join him, at first she would just enjoy spending time with her adoptive father, but later she began to draw and soon became an accomplished artist in her own wright.
She was only to visit Q'onoS twice more; in her twelfth year the Schmidt’s who believed she should still be raised in the Klingon culture, took her there to attend The first Rite of Ascension, in order for a Klingon youth to declare her intentions to become a warrior. Kollin used kor'tova candles to represent the fire burning in the heart of a warrior, and when the Klingon child lit the candle, it signified their lighting the fire in their hearts. Her birth family was known as great warriors because both her parents had died in combat and she was welcomed; however she struggled to fit in.

It was after this trip that she informed her parents that she would apply for Starfleet. Her studies intensified although she managed to find time to train with her weapons and practise her art. Her father who was nearing retirement age agreed to sponsor her and she was accepted.

However before leaving to attend, she visited Q'onos once again to undergo the Age of Ascension ritual, the time a Klingon child officially became a warrior. Kollin new the rite involved the repeated use of pain-sticks, however no amount of simulation had prepared her for this test of endurance and resolve. With this completed Kollin was able to honour her birth parents.

Her four years at Strafleet academy flew buy, she excelled all in the physical aspects of the course, however like most Kilgons she has low tolerance of cold weather and only just scraped through the arctic survival course. At first academically she struggled, she did well in astrophysics, Stellar cartography and Ship systems but on the whole would be in the bottom third of the class. However during the final two years when the cadets begin to practise what they have learnt, her grades began to improve. Due to her excellent scores in the final practicals she finished in the top third of the year. This enabled her to score a posting to the Obsidian Fleet with a recommendation to serve as an Operations Officer.
Service Record 2389 Joins Starfleet academy
2393 Posted to the Obsidian Fleet