Ensign Jacob McCall


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Ensign Jacob McCall

Name Jacob McCall ENS

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 92 kg
Hair Color Dark brown.
Eye Color Dark Green
Physical Description He is good shape physically partly to the fitness instructors at the academy where he has just finished his training.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Deric McCall CEO McCall Construction
Mother Pauline McCall
Brother(s) Francis McCall
Sister(s) Rose Ro
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jacob is a studious individual, who likes nothing better than to get into a project. This served him well in the academy however sometimes the struggles with the grey areas of life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Very good at research and he excelled in the Stella Cartography classes at the academy. He is able to pick up new concepts quickly. Due to being brought up in the construction industry he is not shy of hard work.
Weaknesses: Although physical fit he is no sportsman, struggling to function in team games. Due to his upbringing he is a little spoilt and like to get his own way.
Ambitions At this moment he wants to get into space and explore.
Hobbies & Interests He keeps himself fit by walking simulations on the holodeck.

Personal History The McCall’s are builders. There was a mid-20th Century Earth saying “invest in bricks and mortar” for the McCall family the adage was true, it was often joked in the family that if Neil Armstrong was a “McCall” the first think he would have done on the moon would have dug a foundation.
The family company could trace it’s origin’s back to the building of Midos V, this planet was rich in raw materials and the location of a small Earth colony. David McCall and young construction engineer in the team building the colony understood the human expiation in to space. He invested and not only built settlements but also a business empire.
The McCall’s believe that the susses of the company is that it is still family run and they never strayed too far from it’s core “Home is where the heart is”. Deric still holds this to be true and the company is still expanding and from the rebuilt Berlin municipal centre after the Been assault in 2372, through the construction of hospitals on Bajor to residential projects on Cardasin Prime you will never be too far away from a McCall building. With Federation of Planets contracts everything for the McCall’s was looking up. In fact the only problem on the horizon was “What do we do with Jacob?”
There was nothing wrong with Jacob, conceived somewhat surprisingly for his parents who had considered their family complete. At this time the McCall’s were building some of the defences’ as Starfleet initiated a series of tactical training and development programs designed to ready the fleet for the Borg invasion.
With hindsight Jacob had a good childhood, the family came through the early 2370’s relativity unscathed and with the rebuilding work after the war it became a boom time for the business. He was the youngest of the McCalls’ children by 10 years. He grew up in New Birmingham another of the old towns needing to be rebuilt after the war, in the Earth province of Brittan. His father had an office in San Fraicico to be close to the Federation HQ and would teleport to and from home most days. Jacob’s early school years were unremarkable, excelled at sports and could hold his own in most subjects. The only major events of his pre-adolescent years were firstly his sister leaving home and a couple of years later his brother both to take on roles in the company. The family spent the holidays touring the construction sites. Jacob loved the traveling but despite his father’s enthusiasm could never develop the enjoyment for this that his siblings developed. He could work at it, and in his teen years he would spend his summers helping his brother or sister on a site.
In the summer of Jacob’s 14th birthday he and his parents visited Bajor. Rose was supervising the construction of a hospital complex near Lasuma. Jacob was fascinated by Deep space 9. The space station was a hub of activity, traders, Starfleet vessels, and ships from all over the quadrant. He would spend most of his days there on one of its arms watching the ships coming in and out. While on Bajor his family were introduced to young doctor, Ro Thar. He was a Starfleet doctor working at the old hospital and he and Rose had got together. Thar had been posted to the USS Janitza a galaxy class ship and asked Rose to go with him as a civilian engineer.
This greatly excited the family and a wedding was held on the Janitza. The following year Rose asked Jacob to spend the some with them. From that point on the “problem” was solved.
Jacob doubled his everts at school and 4 years later secured high enough grades to attend Starfleet academy. He then spent 4 months with Rose and Thar on the USS Adler an Olympic-class hospital ship and was able to secure the Captain's recommendation.

Now on completion of his training specialising in Star ship navigation and piloting he has been posted to the USS Armageddon.
Service Record 2388 Starfleet Academy
2392 USS Armageddon