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1st Lieutenant Sy'ren Kejal

Name Sy'ren Kejal

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 81 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Kejal is tall and has a well built frame. The product of a lifetime of conflict he bears the external and internal scars consistent with such conflict. He has undergone several surgeries to relieve damage from Cardassian interrogation and incarceration when he was a boy. He has also been under orders to seek therapy for his experiences.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father deceased
Mother deceased
Brother(s) deceased
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Records from Bajor during the Occupation are fragmentary, currently there are no reports of extended family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kejal, while not a troublemaker, is not above banging skulls together to convey his point to those under his command. He isn't afraid to voice his views to superiors, (which has worked against him throughout his career). His hard exterior masks a burden he has carried with him since childhood, a pain he has utilized channeled into a tough and effective command style. As he matured he has mellowed and has learned, especially with Starfleet personnel, a calmer tone is preferred to throwing all your cards on the table. He is headstrong, and stubborn, but honest and genuine. He relies on his instincts to guide his way.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Kejal is skilled at small arms and hand to hand combat, tactical analysis, and piloting small craft (ie shuttles, fighters, or runabouts)
Weaknesses: Kejal does not respond well to losing those under his command. While he understands that casualties are the inevitable result of combat, he finds himself overthinking ways he could have avoided the loss of those under his command.
Ambitions Ambitions: Serving as MCO was the culmination of his ambitions. He enjoys his current rank and position in a ship's chain of command.
Hobbies & Interests Kejal enjoys working out, battle training, and. He enjoys studying Klingon and Andorian training routines.

Personal History Kejal is a veteran of the Cardassian occupation resistance, Breen invasion, and most recently the Dominion War. He was born in 2357 and named the Bajoran word for freedom. Strict believers in the Prophets, his parents wanted their child to be a message of hope. The occupation had stripped the Bajoran people of their natural resources, and their pride.
Kejal was six years old when he was witness to his family's execution. They were "made an example of" by the new Cardassian regional governor and he was spared only to serve as a living warning to the others in his village. He was not even permitted to lay them to rest; instead the Cardassian soldiers vaporized their bodies. In his agony he was taken in by a Resistance member who had access to a planet wide transmitter. Although his identity was kept secret, Kejal and his family quickly became the voice for the Bajoran resistance movement. At age 12 he and his friend Leaden, infiltrated a Cardassian military compound with improvised explosives under the guise of delivering the local quota of crops. They narrowly escaped before the compound was destroyed leaving no survivors. The two boys were also responsible for multiple attacks on the Cardassian run mining facility in their province.
Cardassian collaborators captured and turned the boys over to authorities. They were taken to Turok Nor, a spaceport built to ferry resources to other Cardassian controlled systems. Awaiting execution, they met with a female resistance fighter who'd gained some influence with the prefect and staged a transporter accident which made it appear that their patterns were lost.
Now back on Bajor, Kejal returned to the Underground and was assigned a low profile position as a bodyguard for a resistance cell leader. He served in this capacity until the end of the occupation in 2369. As Bajor began to rebuild its infrastructure the once Resistance fighters were offered positions in the Bajoran Militia. Kejal was appointed to a covert operations division due to his exemplary infiltration skills as a First Lieutenant. Assigned to protect a Vedic the Free Haven colony, Kejal formed his first fighter element to protect the planet. Despite resource and budgetary constraints, he managed to train twelve recruits to fly the moderately armed ships attached to them. Six months later Breen privateers annexed the system and launched a surprise assault on New Haven, and would have defeated them had the Defiant not intervened. The Bajoran government called for all colonists to evacuate the planet. Kejal was able to get the Vedic off the planet before it was overrun by the Breen reinforcements. He volunteered to return to the planet to ensure its complete evacuation however his fighter was damaged by enemy fire however he was able to eject to safety and was picked up by the USS Cordova. Upon debriefing, he revealed his mission was to provide the Federation with information on Breen activities and technology. Although officially neutral in the Dominion/ Alpha Quadrant war, the Bajoran government sent operatives to planets bordering Dominion space relay valuable information to the Federation. His final mission was to ensure they never learn the truth that lay a few kilometers beneath New Haven, a listening post. He sealed his own soldiers inside the small post with orders to relay as much information whenever they could, and with the promise that he would return when he could.
As Dominion forces mounted and nearby space became far more volatile, Kejal waited for his opportunity to relieve his people; until the data stream abruptly stopped. The last message reported a massive vessel approaching the planet and the discharge of a weapon which broke apart the planet’s crust. Detailed analysis of the ship and weapons proved monumental in upgrading the shielding and weapon systems of the allied forces.
When Bajor became a member of the Federation, Kejal was offered a commission with the rank of (SF) First Lieutenant, reported to Deep Space Nine, to serve as Marine XO. After a three years he established himself as a valued member of DS9’s station security and fighter squadron leader. One evening Kejal was approached by a figure from his past, a 20 something Cardassian man who claimed his father was killed during The Occupation by some kid and his resistance compat. After being goaded verbally the Cardassian grew incensed by a general lack of response, attempted to hit Kejal and landed himself in the infirmary with his dislocated arm two broken ribs and a broken collar bone. To prevent an intergalactic incident during such a tenuous time following the war, the station commander publicly admonished him and reduced him in rank for 26 hours, long enough to report on his record and pass along to the Cardassian consulate. He also arranged for Kejal to be transferred off the station when a replacement could be trained.
After leaving DS9 he was ordered to the (Excalibur Class) USS Galihad, to become the Marine Deputy Commander. He improvised training missions and aided in recovery of Captain Dola chi-Trei. He lead the team of marines as the Marine Commanding Officer for four missions then asked to take a sabbatical for an undetermined period of time. He traveled home to Bajor where he returned to his home in the mountains of Dahkur Province. There he tested his strength endurance and spirit in a self-made survival mission. He lived off the land and off the grid with none of the 24th century amenities.
Service Record Bajoran Militia (2369-2377)
Rank: First LT
Mission: Covert Operations/ Flight Operations
Lateral Transfer Commission From Bajoran Militia to Starfleet Marine Corps

Deep Space Nine
Rank: First LT (2377-2386)
Mission: Marine Detachment Executive Officer

USS Galihad (2386-2391)
Mission: Marine Commanding Officer
ELOA Approved in 2391