Lieutenant JG Kettly Duvalier


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Lieutenant JG Kettly Duvalier

Name Kettly Asuncion Duvalier

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 138 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kettly has dark caramel colored skin, a gift of mixed Jamaican and Puerto Rican descent, and straight black hair that falls just below her shoulders at its longest level. Her eyes are such a dark brown that they’re often coined as black. Various small insignificant scars pepper her person. Kettly is slender and athletic, built for speed and agility, not curvaceous. She smiles often, laughs freely and is rather confidant in her carriage.

On duty, Kettly prefers the standard medical blues, which are worn neat as a pin. She doesn’t tend to wear jewelry on duty except for a small coin token on a leather thong that is worn tucked into her uniform. Off duty, Ket is a big fan of casual wear and- when possible- going barefoot. It’s not hard to get her to dress up- just give her the excuse- especially if there’s mention of a party. Dress uniforms, however, are a groan-worthy affront.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Jean-Claude Perde Duvalier
Mother Beatriz Emilia Duvalier
Brother(s) Benito Mattias Duvalier
Sister(s) Ivelisse Valentina Duvalier
Other Family Bex Estephan Duvalier (Uncle)
Dauphine Clara Chaplin (Cousin)
Elizabeth Marie Copeland (Closest Friend, Chief Counselor on the USS Winward)

Personality & Traits

General Overview You only live once is been a long standing staple of Kettly’s favorite sayings. Only one life with an unsure amount of time spent living, so you’d better make the most of what you have. Ket is a very passionate women with a warm smile and an adventurous spirit. She isn’t shy or withdrawn even about the most uncomfortable subjects as her own troubles and their resolutions are tools that she can use to empathize with other. Everything can be learned from, and everything survived so long as one is still breathing. Breaks are points for new growth. More than optimism, she is a firm believer in the strength of one’s spirit as a source to persevere, change and grow.

Kettly’s psychological perspective revolves around humanism, healing, acceptance, education and support rather. She considers herself a very hands on counselor, and will often find herself in the holodeck finding programs to stimulate the needed healing factors that her patients can’t find within themselves at first. Ket tends to look at the crew as ‘her flock’, which inadvertently means that she keeps an ear to the ground for trouble and will attempt to circumvent before it becomes a larger issue. She frequently attends debriefs and watches body language closely for cues in those around her.

As a friend, Ket is the battery: always ready to jump up and do something, even if it’s crash on the couch and watch movies or go rock climbing between appointments. She has enough energy for three people and an infectiously upbeat personality. If called at 0300 hours, she’s the one who’d trudge out of bed in her night clothes for a stranger without a thought beyond are the important parts covered. Professionally, Kettly offers her services as an advisor, diplomat and has occasionally been known to repen wayward love letters.
Strengths & Weaknesses S – Extremely creative and self-motivated about treating pations
S – Approachable, personable and engaging
S – Not afraid of leaping into causes and fights when the envelope is pushed too far
W – Tends to champion the underdog any time presented.
W – Obstinate: she doesn’t take failure lightly and will try again and again and again
W – Tends to get emotionally invested in her patient’s cases
Ambitions To be a driving influence in the betterment of lives around her.
Hobbies & Interests Anything active from sports to outdoor activities. If she’s never tried it, she’ll try it at least once. Kettly loves the sun, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, sailing, boxing, camping, dancing, carousing, mingling, acoustic guitar.. She’s not much of a drinker, and certainly not into recreational drugs. If she’s on bed rest, she’ll read incessantly just to keep herself busy.

Personal History Early childhood for Kettly was spent in Port Antonio, Jamaica, trailing on along the beaches and winding streets with a bevy of siblings, cousins and everyone’s assorted dogs like a pack of wild things soaking up the sun. No worries, no trouble. Nothing to block out the sun on a beautiful existence. Many of her family members were former Starfleet officers: hardy men and women of engineering or security with children just as technically oriented as they were. Ket, however, had no such aspirations. She wanted nothing more than to be the patron saint of lost dogs, helper of mothers, and occasionally a princess. She was sheltered by her youth until around her eleventh year when her Uncle Bex began having a hard time coping with his medical discharge.

Already by then, Ket had developed ‘the ear’ as her mother called it, along with ‘the nod’ and all of the same acknowledging noises required in the healthcare profession. She took up visiting her uncle and encouraging him to not stay a shut in, walking him along the beaches and spending time with him listening to his stories, woes and triumphs. Topics were broached that typically weren’t shared with children like lost loves and the pain of losing his arm. Trouble accepting the prosthetic and his general depression. None of its profoundness was lost on Kettly, who felt rather important being his confidant. Soon afterwards, she began utilizing those same empowering skills on her classmates, her siblings, her parents, the neighbors, family pets- and she never quite outgrew it- even if the cat never really caught on. By middle school her mother was convinced that she’d be some sort of social worker, though Kettly still insisted on princess.

Come high school she was accepted into a specialty program that fed straight into the university come graduation, all of which Kettly was grateful for, even if it did eat into her social life and healthy exploration associated with the teenaged years. Rather than moving straight on to the University her 18th year as she was able to, she took a year off to sow her wild oats and make some noise. It proved to be a messy and chaotic time, but she loved every moment of it. Even the rough and disappointing parts, as they were important to her growth. This included about six whirlwind romances, a trip to Sri Lanka, backpacking across Europe and ending up stranded for three weeks in Cochem, Germany.

After that, the confinement of the university had the sting taken out of it- at least until the breaks would come- when again the wild and untamed Kettly would rear her head again. This cycle continued until her fourth year when the novelty wore thin. By then, most of her cousins had shipped off to Starfleet Academy, making her trips back home a rather thin gathering come the holidays. Come the near completion of her masters degree, it finally dawned on Kettly that she needed to figure out what to do next? Find some distant colony to practice psychology on? Continue on to her doctorate degree? Try her hand at teaching? Open a modest office on the islands to stay close to home? What about California? The moon? A space station? No place truly held her attention, so she did what any forever student did in those panicked moments of commitment issues: she chose a few more years. This time with Starfleet.

Everything that she’d learned at UWI Mona was amplified at the Academy, as it was now applied to different races and cultures. No longer was there a handful of languages to consider with a small client base, but prospectively of hundreds of thousands and growing every year. That was enough to enthrall Kettly, who dove into the ethics and justice and humanity of the Fleet. Pile up the classes with sports and peer tutoring and keeping up with the various parties in and around the grounds and Kettly pretty much only stopped to sleep for the first two years.

Much to the surprise of friends and family, come the end of her four years at Starfleet Academy, Ket was still firmly fixed on the idea of Starfleet. She graduated just south of top marks in her chosen field, bested by her closest friend. To this day, they still remain in constant contact.

Ket’s cadet cruise was rather uneventful, as was the first year of service aboard the USS Vincennes under Lt. Jeun Park. Park- a minimalist in both his personal and professional life- often clashed with Ket, whom he saw as the loose canon of the counseling department. Jungian versus humanism principles were often the basis for the incredibly polite, yet scathing conversations in the middle of the waiting area during dry spells. By the second year, they’d worked out a very comfortable arrangement for client care and vetting. They eventually became rather good friends towards the end of her tour, especially after the evacuation of Eberin Prime and a rather horrific illusory illness that befell the crew during a shoreleave on Solitius III.
Service Record 2379 – 2385: University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica), Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, (focus Psychotherapy, minor Sociology)
2386 – 2390: Starfleet Academy, (focus Counseling, minor Diplomacy)
2391 – 2393: USS Vincennes, Assistant Counselor