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Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama

Name Natsuko Sereniti Akayama

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human -Japanese Descent
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5f5
Weight 90lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slim, with dark black hair and brown eyes she stands at 5f5 and weighs in at 90lbs.

Being Japanese her body type is a light build and she is definitely that. Because of her height and stature she is often overlooked by those who do threat assessment.


Children Jasmine Usagi Ellis – Aged 6 50/50 joint custody
Father Shiro Akayama
Mother Akiko Akayama
Brother(s) Ichiro Akayama (M) – Starfleet Officer, USS Galaxy C
Sister(s) Nanami Akayama (F) – Location unknown.
Other Family Ex-Partner: Marco Ellis, CO and owner of ELLIS Stellar Transport. (33years)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She seems small but Natsuko has a large heart and a loud voice when she wants to have one. She knows what she wants from life and even though her divorce was a surprise she powered through it and has shown a great aptitude for keeping her head in a crisis. She has struggled with the divorce and being a single mother when Jasmine stays with her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Easily overlooked by people due to her height and stature.

Has a light step and is often very quiet when walking, leading to her unintentionally sneaking up on people.

Hides her feelings and thoughts.

She is clear headed and open to changes.

Loves her daughter and makes sure she can spend as much time with her as she can.


Her daughter, and her Ex-husband - She still has feelings for Marco though she hides them well.

Her inability to let go of cases if they affect her.

Mitarashi dango - Dango (団子?) is a Japanese dumpling and sweet made from mochiko (rice flour),[1] related to mochi. It is often served with green tea. Dango is eaten year-round, but the different varieties are traditionally eaten in given seasons. Three to four dango are often served on a skewer.Mitarashi: Covered with a syrup made from shouyu (soy sauce), sugar and starch. The way to her heart... Mitarshi Dango

Can be tunnel visioned when working.

Hates rude people.

is annoyed by people prone to spacing out.
Ambitions To eventually run Starfleet Intelligence on Earth, so she can be planet based for her daughter.
To make sure Jasmine knows that she is loved and cared for.
Hobbies & Interests Rock Climbing, Playing the Koto, Swimming, skydiving, horse riding, Hand to hand combat, Kendo (Sword fighting), spending time with her daughter.

Languages: Japanese, English, Romulan,and Cardassian, some french and Italian from her childhood.

Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Earth casual; e.g. jeans, comfortable trousers, loose shirts and t-shirts., Natsuko will wear skirts but rarely.
Handiness: Natsuko is a right hander.

Personal History Name meaning: Summer Child of the Moon Born On the Red Mountain

Nickname: Nat, Suki

2366-2382- Pre Starfleet Career

Natsuko was born the youngest of three children in Toyama Japan. Both her parents are Starfleet officers who were stationed on Earth. Her father was often sent off world as he was an engineer and often had to go to different stations to work. When she was 7, her father was killed in action and her mother committed suicide in her grief by jumping off a cliff near their home. This left Natsuko in the charge of her older siblings, Ichiro who was 14 at the time and Nanami who was 10. They had no other family, with both their parents being only children and their grandparents long dead. The trio were taken into the foster care system and immediately split up. Their home was shut up and they took only their clothes and most important items. They would be able to access the house and funds when they reached 18. Each had a trust in place for that occasion and the house was left to all three of them. Natsuko was the easiest to place and was placed with a civilian family in Paris. Her sister Nanami was sent to Florida and Ichiro remained in Toyama where he lived with a school mate’s family. Nanami’s foster family restricted her ability to contact her siblings and after a year, they lost contact fully with her. Ichiro often visited Natsuko until she turned 10 and he was 17. He joined Starfleet like their parents and their contact was reduced to comm. calls every so often.

When Natsuko was ten, her foster family returned her to the system and she was in an orphanage from age 10 to 13, often being ‘trialled’ by several families over weekends but none wanted her. At 13, Natsuko was taken in by a family in Milan, Italy and it was the worst experience of her life. The family didn’t want a foster child to care for, they wanted one to do chores and work around the house. So after 4 weeks, Natsuko waited until the household fell asleep and then packed up her belongings and ran away. She went to the nearest shuttle station and took a planet hopper to Japan and her family’s home in Toyama.

There she found no one home and a for sale sign on the front yard. Knowing the will of her parents, she knew she had not agreed to sell the house. She immediately pulled the sign down and used her key to let herself in. She found, her older sister Nanami living in the house with her foster mother and father. A major argument ensued and it was declared that Nanami had lived in the house the whole time, having moved back a month after their biological mother had died. Nanami’s foster parents had told her that the house had been left to her alone and that she had the right to sell it and then they could use the money to move to another city. Natsuko quickly corrected her sister of that notion. Nanami was horrified at the true story and after another argument with her foster family, kicked them out of the house and she and Natsuko contacted Ichiro and got him to get leave so they could discuss the situation.

Ichiro arrived 2 days later. Nanami and Natsuko explained the situation with Nanami’s foster parents, who had tried in those two days to have Nanami and Natsuko evicted. Natsuko’s lack of foster carer meant that she could be taken by the police at any time. Nanami who at 16 was almost a legal adult and was safe from being returned to her foster family. They talked about it and Ichiro then contacted the family lawyer to have Nanami and Natsuko removed from the foster care system and placed under his care. At 20, and a year off graduating from the academy, he had the right to be their guardian. This took months but it was soon sorted and the girls were able to live in their family home under the ‘guardianship’ of Ichiro.

After a year, Natsuko woke up and found her sister gone. Nanami had left a note, saying that as she was 17, she was going out into the world and not to look for her. So at 14, Natsuko was on her own as her brother was on assignment and she lived alone for the next three years, going to school studying and getting the best grades she could. When she finished her schooling, she applied to Starfleet academy and was accepted into the Starfleet for a Security/Intelligence Double Major.

2382-2386 Starfleet Academy

The 4 years at the Academy were full of hard work sweat and tears. Natsuko worked hard and trained relentlessly in all aspects of her training.
She worked to the point of exhaustion most nights completing her double major of Intelligence and Security. She took extra language courses and undertook basic training missions. In one of those missions where she was assigned to make contact with a civilian businessman and protect him from assassins, she met the man's son Marco Ellis. Marco was 5 years her senior and even though her mission was a success and their paths should have diverged, Marco tracked her down at the academy and their relationship grew from mutual respect to friendship to passion and love.

2386 – Married to Marco

Marco proposed before Natsuko went on her cadet cruise and the married in late 2386. Marco and Natsuko moved in together shortly before she graduated and then when she was posted to the USS Galaxy for her first shipboard assignment he went with her.

2387-2389 – USS Galaxy and Jasmine’s Birth

The posting of the Galaxy was very different from her cadet cruise. Now a newly minted Ensign, Natsuko found herself spending hours in the Intelligence department and when she found out she was pregnant she was pulled from an away mission of vital importance. It was also on the Galaxy that she ran into her brother, a Flight Control Officer. Marco and Ichiro did not get along. It did cause strain. And in 2387, Jasmine Usagi Ellis was born. While on the Galaxy Natsuko and Marco agreed that if Natsuko was ever asked to go under cover, he would take Jasmine and go back to Earth. In 2389 Marco took over control of his family’s company. And Natsuko was informed that she was being transferred to the USS Stratham as a lieutenant Junior Grade.
2389-2390 – USS Stratham

The Stratham was a very boring assignment and Natsuko devoted her time to being a working mother, while Marco ran his family company from their cabin. Jasmine was growing up and Marco often took her home to Earth to visit family. It was this family dynamic which put Natsuko into her next assignment on Starbase 56 as a Civilian.

2390-2391 - Starbase 56 and Divorce from Marco

Marco was against any undercover work but he agreed to try the one mission where Natsuko would pretend to be a civilian linguist while investigating numerous disappearances on the station. Marco hated the secrecy that went with Natsuok’s job and when the investigation was over and the CO and XO arrested for selling people into the Orion Slave trade, he informed Natsuko that he was taking Jasmine and returning to earth. Now Jasmine was 4, Natsuko could see that her daughter needed the stability of Earth but she also was in denial that her marriage was in trouble. She received word of a transfer and Marco left with Jasmine that night. He filed for divorce on their return to Earth.

2391-2393 – USS Carlyle

Divorce is never fun and always messy when a child is involved. Natsuko went to the USS Carlyle as the Intelligence Liaison to the Security Team. She spent the next 2 years working through her divorce and making sure her work did not suffer.

She and Marco came to the arrangement that they would share joint custody of their daughter, now 5

When Jasmine comes to live with her, Natsuko makes sure she spends as much time as her work will allow with her.


After the Carlyle it was clear that Natsuko needed a change, a more stable position then being the ship spook and undercover expert. Not sure what position she really wanted, she asked for a transfer off of the Carlyle and to another ship side posting. She was assigned to the USS Cavalry as their Assistant Chief of Security. Her background in Intelligence would work well with the current chief. After a year on the Cavalry, she was transferred to the Armageddon as their chief of intelligence.
Service Record Starfleet History:
2382-2386: Starfleet Academy -Intelligence/Security dual Major
2387-2389: USS Galaxy -Ensign Rank - Intelligence Officer
2389-2390: USS Stratham -Lieutenant JG Rank- Intelligence Officer
2390-2391: Starbase 56 - Undercover Assignment
2391-2393: USS Carlyle - Lieutenant JG Rank. Intelligence Liaison to Security.
2393-2394: USS Cavalry- Assistant Chief of Security.
2394 - Present: USS Armageddon, Chief of Intelligence

Starfleet Academy transcript
2382-2383 Rank: First year Cadet
Semester 1
ADMIN101 Starfleet Operations 99%
ADMIN110 Chain of Command and General Protocol 99%
MATH101 Concepts 90%
MED101 First Aid and Field Medicine 98%
PILOT101 Runabouts and Shuttles 90%
Semester 2
DIPL101 General 100%
LANG101 Federation Standard 100%
LANG108 Romulan 98%
LAW101 Federation, General 99%
PHYS101 Concepts 89%
Semester 3
HIST101 Birth of the Federation 100%
SURV101 Starship Emergencies 95%
SURV110 Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training 85%
TAC101 Combat, Unarmed 90%
TAC110 Combat, Small Weapons 95%
2383-2384 Rank: Second Year Cadet
Semester 1
ENG231 Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces 85%
ENG232 Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks 90%
ENG233 Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems 90%
BIO101 Concepts 90%
XEN101 General 90%
Semester 2
ENG221 LCARS Programming 1 90%
DIPL200 Hostile Species 95%
INTEL120 SIGINT Collection/Jamming 100%
ARM120 Knives and other Small Weapons 95%
ARM101 Introduction to Weapons 100%
Semester 3
INTEL150 Crypto-analysis 100%
INTEL250 Advanced Analysis 99%
ARM110 Hand Phasers, Phaser Rifles and Artillery 95%
ARM130 Non-traditional Weapons 95%
LANG 208 Romulan (Elective) 99%
2384-2385 Rank: Third Year Cadet
Semester 1
INTEL101 Espionage 1 95%
INTEL201 Espionage 2 95%
TAC200 Combat, Martial Arts, Anbo-Jytsu and Federation Standard 95%
TAC175 Combat, Phasers and Photon Torpedos 99%
INTEL240 Propaganda (elective) 100%
Semester 2
TAC170 Combat, Introduction to Starship Combat 100%
TAC210 Combat, Marksmanship 90%
TAC300 Leadership 99%
SURV200 Captivity 95%
LANG 109 Cardassian (Elective) 75%
Semester 3
INTEL300 Interrogation 99%
PSY302 Hostilities 100%
PILOT100 Land Vehicles 95%
ENG234 Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems 95%
LAW150 Non Federation Law -Romulan, Cardassian and Klingon 98%
2385-2386 Rank: Fourth year Cadet
Semester 1
TAC220 Small Units 98%
TAC301 Strategy of Battle 1 95%
DIPL250 Non-Traditional Situations 98%
ENG331 Operations and Command Functions 90%
ENG322 Base-Mode Operations 98%
Semester 2
TAC301 Strategy of Battle 1 95%
LANG 209 Cardassian 95%
LANG308 Romulan 97%
TAC101 Combat, Unarmed 100%
BIO 202 Romulan 100%
Semester 3
PSY102 (Non-Terran, Major Species) - Romulan 95%
SURV150 Land-based Survival in Desert, Ocean, Jungle, and Moderate conditions. 98%
XEN108 Romulan 99%
BIO211 Genetics Humanoid 100%
LANG 408 Romulan 99%
Cadet Cruse USS Galaxy 100%