Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński


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Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński

Name Ksawery (Xavier) Onufry Wilczyński PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 93 kg
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description The short way to describe Kswery is "bulky". He is somewhat shorter than average human male, and "thicker in the middle" than Starfleet regulations prefered... It comes from being born and raised on a planet with slightly greater gravity than that of planet Terra.
He has short dark blonde hair, and has a beard of same color. His face is somewhat handsome.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Onufry Wilczyński
Mother Liliana Wilczyński
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ksawery (Xavier - in Standard English) is an explorer at heart, with some rebelion thrown in for good measure. He is a passionate man, and belives that passion is a drving force behind every scietific discover, and can sometimes get lost in his study - it also brings a hands on approach, that drives him to be on every away team to explore things planet side, even if there is no real need for such actions. He is highly emotional, and sometimes throws logic aside.
He also does enjoy choosing practical knowledge, instead of theory.
Strengths & Weaknesses Xavier is extremly intelligent, and can easily adapt to any given situation. He is a quick thinker - and knows a lot about wilderness surivival, and is able and create most primitive tools. He is able to hunt, and forest enviroment is like a second home to him.

Despite this fact, he is still somewhat distrutful toward technology (transporters in particular), his hand on approach, gets him in troubles on many occasions. He also tends to act quickly, without giving a cold thought beforehand. He is also somewhat of a loner.
Ambitions To make a great archaeological discovery.
Hobbies & Interests Xavier is an outdoorsman, and enjoys trekking in the wilderness - sometimes disappearing for days in the most remote parts of the Federation Space.
He also loves reading, and his quaters are always junked with books - as he prefers print over digital means of storing knowledge.
Xavier has also deep love for music, and believes that every culture can be understood by its music. He has great love for Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country music. He enjoys west coast jazz especially. He is also able to play alto saxophone, with quite a skill - although not mastery... When he wants to think, or when he simply wants to relax he plays jazz or blues..

Personal History Ksawery Wilczyński (Xavier - in Federation Standard) was born on planet Epsilon Delta Eridani IX, a beautiful world filled with life - with rich green forests and mountains and gravity slightly greater that that of the planet Earth.

His father Onufry was a brilliant sociologist, who decided to shaun modern technology and joined a group of Edenists, who wanted to lead simpler life, far away from the modern technology. They decided to colonize, one of the most remote systems in the Federation space - and eventually the got permision from the Federation Council.

His mother - Lilian - was a poet, and musician - whom was part of the group that Onufry joined. The two of them fell in love, and after colonization Xavier was the first baby to be born on the new world.

Despite it's beauty Epsilon Delta Eridani IX was a harsh world, and life without technology was not easy. People had to learn, how to grow their own food - hunt prey with bows and arrows, as well as using simple traps. By the age of eleven - Xavier was already able to use bows with certain proficiency, and was able to track and to survive mostly on his own. He had almost no firends, as he was the oldest of the children - and when he was getting older he could feel the alienation from both other children (who were in most 3 years younger than him), as well as from the grown ups.

He felt certain entertainment, in books which colonists braught with them - and he read most of them at least twice.

When he was twelve he went hikking in to the woods, and during the hike out of need for exploration he decided to venture on to one of the paths he did not take before - one which would take him far away from the colony... During his trek, he stumbled upon a cave. Xavier made a torch and with two firestones lit it. He entered the deep cavern, and discovered an ancient obelisk of unknown origin. He carefuly studied it for the next few days, and made detailed drawings of the artifact.

This item lit Xaviers curiosity - what was it, what civilisation built it, if there wre more on the planet. Xavier knew about the Federation, and about advanced technology that his people left behind - but he wondered if the obelisk was such technology. He had no possibility to check it, but once in a while he returned to the cave which became his secret so he could run additional "tests" using his limited knowledge and technology.

When Xavier was 15 - his whole world came tumbling down. One day man in Starfleet uniforms suddenly appeared in the middle of the village with shock, and slight outrage from the colonists. The group was there to evacuate the planet as a creature known as Crystalline Entity was closing in on this world - as the colonists were still UFP citizens the Starfleet was obligated to help them, and USS Donician was only able to provide assistance in evacuation a they were only a single Intrepid class ship.

After deliberation most of the colonists decided to stay on the soon to be doomed world - however a small group, most of which had children, decided to leave the planet. They said their good beyes, and left with the Donician.

This left an impression on young Xavier - he lost almost everything he knew, and to get his mind from the whole situation he lost himself in the ships library computer. He quickly mastered the tool, and went through countless information in the computer banks. He learned about other worlds, and many discoveries that were made in many fields - of which he heard nothing about. He also managed to solve the riddle of the Perservers Obelisk he encountered on his homeworld. And about countless exploration operations handeled by Starfleet in many parts of the galaxy.

As soon as they were safe - Xaviers parents started searching for a new world to colonize, as they were still true to Edenist ideals - however Xavier was not sure about what he wanted. However due to situation in the UFP at the moment, it would take them years to find a place and enough people to colonize entire planet. Eventually they settled on Bajor, as there were still parts of the planet which were highly rural, and you could live an easy life there - however Xavier was in the age when rebelion is somewhat in the nature. He wanted to explore, to see more - to learn about everything and to see what was in the stars. He decided to enlist in Starfleet, which tore a great rift between Xavier and his father.
Service Record USS Demeter - Archaeological & Anthopological Officer (completed PhD in Xenoarchaeology during the service, writing a paper on ancient Shedai structures)

USS Shi'Kar - Science Officer

Starfleet Academy on Earth - getting additional masters degrees in Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography

USS Voltan - Assistant Chief Science Officer

After service period on Voltan was ended, he took one year sabbatical from Starfleet to take part in the dig on planet Xi V in the Taurus Explanse, as assisstant chief on the dig.