Lieutenant Commander Elliot Wyatt


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Lieutenant Commander Elliot Wyatt

Name Elliot James Wyatt Jr.

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 241 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Midnight Blue
Physical Description Standing at just over average human height Elliot has a fair but lanky build, giving him a commanding yet not over-imposing appearance. His hair is kept slightly long but not to the extent where it appears "shaggy", in addition he wears a neatly trimmed goatee. All of his hear is salt and pepper with grey concentrated near the temples. His eyes are midnight blue which, if stared into, can have a measurable calming effect.


Spouse Lt. Elizabeth Wyatt, Chief Medical Officer, Starbase 238
Children James Wyatt, 10 years
Tiffany Wyatt, 4 years
Father RADM. Elliot Wyatt (Ret.)
Mother Dr. Kathrine Wyatt
Brother(s) (Marine) Capt. William Wyatt, Commander, Echo Company, 7th Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, Starfleet Marine Corps
Sister(s) Lt. Rachael Wyatt, Chief Flight Control Officer, U.S.S. Morpheus, Task Force 3, 1st Fleet, Starfleet
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elliot Wyatt is sometimes said to have two personality that he switches between at will, the first is when he is is what people call "First Officer Mode" where he generally is no-nonsense, he may allow limited causality provided it is not rendered inappropriate by the situation. His second is when he is off duty he gets extremely laid back, when off duty he has a tenancy to interact freely with subordinate (to a reasonable limit).
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
+Intelligence background, still maintains several dozen contacts in and near the edges of Federation space.

-Recovering alcoholic, forced to avoid any form of alcohol or risk a relapse. Starfleet Medical has prevented him from accessing alcoholic beverages from replicators.
-Poor hand-to-hand combat skills.
Ambitions Elliot's primary ambition is to earn command of his own starship in the fleet. In addition to prove the best officer he can.
Hobbies & Interests Among Elliot's interests are playing historical holoprograms, in addition he enjoys collecting books from the 18th-21st century.

Personal History Elliot Wyatt was born on January 4th, 2360 at Leonard McCoy Memorial Hospital in San Francisco on Earth, his mother was a ward supervisor in the hospital and his father (then a Lieutenant Commander) was the Starfleet officer in charge of security for planetary sector 33-72-11 (Starfleet Command, Starfleet Academy & Greater San Francisco).

During childhood it was clear that Elliot had a natural charisma too him, even at an extremely young age, he tended to be leader of social groups he was a part of, most commonly him, his brother, and his sister. The three of them would frequently get into trouble, Elliot's older brother William had the strength and size to open doors, and could also help lift the other scale obstacles, Elliot was the "brains" of the operation learning to a very limited extend how to plan to avoid being caught by adults and, when inevitably caught, Rachel would ultimately get them out of trouble as she was commonly considered the cutest of the bunch.

Thought adolescence Elliot tended to be strategic with his friendships, significantly more so then normal teenagers. During high school Elliot would frequently go out into the major cities of Earth, with the intent of meeting interesting people, knowing the possible risks involved he carried a civilian phaser (only low stun settings, more then sufficient for self defense). It was during one of these trips that Elliot looked up and saw a large cluster of lights looking like ships coming out of warp, shortly thereafter he heard a sound that chilled him to his core... The planetary invasion alarm.

During the Breen invasion Elliot returned home and remained in his fathers office at Starfleet Security. Shortly thereafter he decided that if he had anything to do with it, Earth would never be brought to it's knees like that again, unfortunately despite meeting the minimum age for academy admission his father, out of concern for his safety refused to allow him to join. This created a rift between Elliot's Sr. and Jr. for the next several years until, on January 4th 2378 Elliot Jr. reached the age of majority where his parents could no longer prevent his joining Starfleet, he officially began classes in the fall of that year.

Early in his academy career he excelled at data decryption and interviewing tactics, unfortunately his skills in small arms were lacking at best, he barely managed to scrape a certification. Though he did manage to perform well on small craft piloting, most of his other classes were fairly average. Elliot also found himself getting odd glances as he found out shortly after arriving, the grey uniforms of intelligence cadets were rare to be seen.

Midway through his second year he met a cadet in the medical division, Elizabeth Nori shortly thereafter they began to form a relationship. Over the rest of the year they would date on and off until finally at the end of the second year they decided to make there being in a relationship "official". The rest of Elliot's time in the academy passed by in a blur until on March 16th 2381 it seemed to stop as Cadet Elliot found himself kneeling on the ground proposing marriage, Elizabeth agreed enthusiastically and, a week before graduation they were married. Elizabeth was assigned as a junior medical officer on Starbase One, and Elliot was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence as a data analyst.

For his first weeks as an analyst Ensign Wyatt was extremely happy, he was able to live with his new wife on the Starbase and beam down to San Francisco daily, in addition he quite enjoyed his job. However over the next few months he began to dislike sitting at a desk for hours a day and, approximately two years into his career he decided, to his wife's dismay, to request a transfer to field duty in conjunction with his upcoming promotion. On June 22nd 2384 his promotion came through and transfer approved.

Lieutenant Wyatt's first assignment was counter-espionage on Tyro's VII, a Federation world which, intelligence believed had a Romulan spy. For his first week he worked at establishing his place, the nature of the mission did not require an alias however, he did need to work at the capitol for a time before he could effectively do his job, the only information he had was that the spy was most likely disguised as a Vulcan due to the similarity's in appearance and minimal cosmetic work required. Finally after two weeks he had reached the point at which he was no longer the "new guy" and could now begin work trying to identify the agent. Prior to the mission Starfleet Intelligence gave Elliot a nearly-undetectable program that would record any communication signals or log entry's, since Elliot had been posing as an administrative assistant he could easily conceal the program inside a message and send to all Vulcans assigned to the capitol.

It took nearly three months from the mission beginning until Elliot had gathered enough data to take in a personnel assistant named Sorvek into custody for interrogation. Within three days of the arrest Elliot returned to Starbase One where he was greeted by his wife. While preparing for a mission to gather information on a possible Romulan military build-up in Sector 887 he was informed that he wife was pregnant with a son, Elliot barely had time to process this new before he was on the way to his assignment.

This pattern continued for several years, during which Elliot received a promotion to Lieutenant, it was finally broken in 2390 when Lt. Wyatt was assigned to Starbase 33 near the Romulan Neutral zone, now instead of serving as a field agent himself he was responsible for half a dozen on as many planets an increase in responsibility he was expecting, though not the paperwork that came with it, however the new posting did allow Lieutenant Wyatt to spend more time with his wife and now two children. After two years assigned to the station as reward for his service, Elliot was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and given the secondary position of Second Officer.For the next two years Commander Wyatt had been considering transferring to Command until, at his wife's urging, he finally submitted the request. In 2394 Lieutenant Commander Elliot Wyatt was assigned Executive Officer on the U.S.S. Armageddon.
Service Record 2378 - Cadet Freshmen Grade, Starfleet Academy, Intelligence Major
2379 - Cadet Sophomore Grade, Starfleet Academy, Intelligence Major
2380 - Cadet Junior Grade, Starfleet Academy, Intelligence Major
2381 - Cadet Senior Grade, Starfleet Academy, Intelligence Major
2382 - Ensign, Starfleet Intelligence, Data Analyst
2384 - Lieutenant Junior Grade, Starfleet Intelligence, Field Agent
2387 - Lieutenant, Starfleet Intelligence, Field Agent
2390 - Lieutenant, Starbase 33, Chief Intelligence Officer
2392 - Lieutenant Commander, Starbase 33, Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer
2394 - Lieutenant Commander, U.S.S. Armageddon, Executive Officer