Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins


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Gunnery Sergeant William Rollins

Name William Rollins

Position Gunnery Sergeant

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10''
Weight 230lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description Chiseled jaw, physically fit, good muscle mass, tanned skin tone


Spouse none
Children none
Father Bill Rollins (living)
Mother Lola Beck (living)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none that he is aware of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Will has 2 modes: the on duty mode and the off duty mode. While on duty, jokes are irrelevant, chatting is a waste of spit and goofing off is a waste of training time. He make up for it off duty tough; he can be suave, charming, playful.. just have to catch him on the good time of day.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-He is analytical and will attempt to quickly find the best way to accomplish his task
-He is disciplined, regulations are in place for a reason, training is there for a reason; order must be maintained
-When cornered, he gets too overconfident and will take risks that could turn out to be too much of a gamble
-He is a bit arrogant at times; but never towards officers
-He is vain; when he's not on mission, his hair has to be right and his uniform straight... always
Ambitions He aspires to be platoon CO eventually, he does his best for the Corps and if they believe that he can do the job, he'll take it until he dies or they find someone better.
Hobbies & Interests In the recent year, he developed a taste for orbital jumping.

Personal History Willy was born on December 31st 2365 to Bill Rollins and Lola Beck. His mother occupied a physician’s position at the local hospital while his father educated young minds at school close to their home on Theta VII. This early passage of his life was nothing but happy and uneventful until 2370. His parents decided to move the family to a space station to provide a different vu of life to their son there was a vacant position for a civilian teacher on board and his mother could certainly find work in the sickbay. On DS9, there would be a variety of life forms and a multitude of new and strange experience for Willy to have. Some of the neighbouring planets had great reviews on tourism channels and Lola, who was a space brat, really wanted to get back in space. Arrived there, his parents didn’t lie: the excitement was real. The view of the wormhole on the Promenade was something of “aww” that he could not describe.

In mid 2373, the station was attacked by Cardassian and Dominion soldiers. Willy saw the Starfleet personnel leave the station, one tall one vowed to be back... and after nearly 2 painful years he was. Once the station liberated in 2375 and access to Federation space was available again, the Rollins returned to Theta VII to try to forget those terrifying events and return to a normal life... Will never could...

The next years proved to be a challenge for him and his parents. Fights at school were common events, counselors couldn’t get anything wrong out of him and teachers kept on saying that he was an excellent student in class even if his grades were average. Half the time he was the victim, the other half he wasn’t minding his own business. At 14 years old, when he finally was banned from school, his father decided it was enough. He managed to send his son to Andoria, there was an academy there for youths with a higher discipline level than the one on Theta VII and hopefully, the colder weather would cool his temper.

The time spent at the academy was a blessing that he would only realise later in his life. The large amount of order and discipline of the facility helped focus his thoughts and his feelings towards a goal rather to random events of his life. He made a few friends there and managed to stay out of trouble. He talked to his parents once a week and visited twice a year for a week or two at a time. Every time he was glad to be home, and he was also glad to return to the academy.
The year was 2382, the prodigal son returned home after 3 years away. Will was now 17 and with no idea what to do. He kept himself fit during the day and in the evening, had long talks with his father and mother for weeks about what he should do, but only one thing was clear in his mind; he couldn’t stay on Theta VII. This planet, this life didn’t suit him anymore... His mind kept on playing the images of the occupation of DS9. One particular scene kept showing up; the one when that Starfleet officer promised to come take back the station. Maybe that was the solution!

Will spending days looking into Starfleet related careers, reading page after page of information, he decided to learn more about that officer in the red uniform. Commanding a space station or even a ship wasn’t really appealing for him, neither were the more technical departments such as medical, engineering and starship operations. His mother taught him compassion, but a counselor or diplomatic career was out of the question; he believed he would get bored easily. The security/ tactical officer’s career showed some promise but putting an end to squabbles as a security officer or even maybe getting a chance of shooting the big guns at another ship as tactical wasn’t quite it.
As he was about to give up, he stumbled upon an advertisement announcing the upcoming day of the creation of the SFMC. That intrigued him, pushing Will to want to learn more. With line like “...purpose and existence is to protect the Federation...” and “ bring military conflicts rapidly to an end”, Will knew he had found his calling. With the help of his father, he started studying what was required for the acceptance exam and went thru intense physical training programs; there was no way he would let himself fail.

Over a year passed, Will had sent his application for the SFMC the day following his birthday. A few months passed before he received an answer, asking him to report to Starbase 204’s marine detachment office for candidate testing. Standing in front of the recruiting office meant a lot him; if all went well, another chapter of his life would begin. He discreetly waves his parents and walked in with the other applicants. After 3 days of examination, he returned to Theta VII and waited the results. A month later, he received his orders to report at the Annapolis facility on Earth for basic training. The next week, he hugged his mother and father goodbye and left his home planet and hasn’t returned since...

The arrival at the SFMC facility was quite nice for the first hour when they give you the gear, show you around the campus and present to you what will be your lodging for the next few months... then the fun began. This wasn’t Risa, it’s a training facility; there is a reason why they gave you a day and a time to be there. As soon as the platoon had been settled in, training began; and that was just fine by Will. Basic training, history of SFCM, marine strike team training, primary leadership development, SFMC traditions, protocols & policies course that’s not counting the various field training courses and expeditions took 2 years.

Rollins took his first tour as part of the marine detachment on Deep Space 4 near Breen space. That 5 year assignment pushed him to the rank of corporal due to his actions during missions and his overall professionalism. He then returned to Annapolis on Earth to attend the 3 year Special Ops training. He was introduced to new fighting techniques, new mission parameters, and different insertion techniques; there he developed a taste for orbital jumping.

Now that his training is done, he looked for his next tour of duty; this time he decided to go on a shipboard detachment. With a ship that goes basically anywhere on the territory, he was sure to be able to put his new skills to good use. He applied for a squad XO position in the Reavers platoon on the USS Armageddon and is awaiting final transfer orders.
Service Record 2379-2382: Attended academy on Andoria: special skill learned: freezing weather survival
2383-2385: SFMC Basic training and infantry training
2385-2390: 1st tour of duty: Deep Space 4, Marine squad member
2390-2393: SFMC Special Forces Training
2393-now: USS Armageddon, Marine, 2nd Recon Battalion