All Aboard!

Posted on Sat Dec 10th, 2016 @ 11:32pm by Commander Sular Vivano

USS Armageddon prepares for launch.

At the latest Star Fleet press conference it was announced key vessels that had been in dry dock since the end of the Dominion War would be being brought back into active duty. One of these vessels being the Normandy Class vessel the USS Armageddon will be soon leaving Utopia Planitia Starfleet Yards orbiting Mars. This large warship has on broad SFMC 2nd Recon Battalion Bravo Company and 8th Special Operations Starfighter Wing which is made up of Razors, Broadswords, Valkyries, and Peregrine fighters.

This class of ship which is primarily seeing service in the Obsidian Fleet is the same Normandy -class dreadnoughts off the early 2300’s. Updated with her complement of Marines and fighters it is able to pack a punch and deliver combat support to any corner of known space.

The USS Armageddon is completing its final testing and awaiting for the last of the crew to arrive. Although Starfleet is keeping tight-lipped about her destination most of the observers believe it will be heading to Task force 47 and Camp Falkirk. However, whatever the future holds for the Armageddon and her crew they will be expected to meet it with Audacia et Fortitudo (Strength and Courage).



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