Article 1 - General

All players must be in compliance with Obsidian Fleet's Rules and Regulations. A comprehensive list of these can be found here.

All players must respect the ship's Command Staff at all times. We are here to help make the sim enjoyable, but also to enforce all sim rules and regulations.

All players must respect their fellow players at all times. Disrespect at any time will not be tolerated. Any infractions of this rule will lead to a strike on the player's record and possible removal from the sim.

Article 2 - Posting Guidelines

All posts must contain proper English spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

All posts must follow the proper posting format, including the use of ON/OFF tags, timeline and location, and signatures of all characters involved.

Joint post tags must be more than a single line of dialogue. Tags must be a combination of speech, action, and/or thoughts.

No player may overwrite another player, or change or edit their work without permission.

No player may seriously harm or injure another player's character without permission from that character's player.

No player may seriously damage or destroy any vessels, or technology without permission from the Command Staff.

All subplots must be approved by the Command Staff. We rarely say no, but it is still polite to ask.

Article 3 - Activity Guidelines

All players are considered active unless stated otherwise. Any player who is not able to respond to tags for more than two days is required to request a Leave of Absence (LOA). Players who will be away from the sim for longer than two weeks must request an Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA). All LOAs must indicate a return date.

No player may abuse the LOA system. Any player caught doing so will receive a strike and possible removal from sim.

Players who are on LOA or ELOA are exempt from the posting requirements until they return to the sim.

All tags must be answered in a timely fashion, within 48 hours. If a player is unable to respond within that period, they are required to notify all co-authors of the post. Failure to tag on-time without notification will result in a strike.

Any active player who does not log into the website and participate for a period of four (4) consecutive weeks will be considered AWOL and removed from the sim.

Article 4 - Disputes

All players must attempt to settle any OOC disputes between themselves before contacting the Command Staff.

The Command Staff has the final word in any/all disputes

Any player who feels unsatisfied with a dispute's resolution is encouraged to contact Obsidian Fleet\'s JAG Office and may do so without penalty from the Command Staff.

Retaliation against any member of the crew due to a dispute issue will not be tolerated. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the simm.

Article 5 - Strike Policy

If a player has received three strikes, they are removed from the sim.

Strikes clear at a rate of one every two months from the date of the last strike received.

A player's strike record is kept private and is not viewable by any other players on the sim, except members of the Command Staff.

Article 6 - Definitions

Command Staff is defined as follows:

Task Force CO: Normally does not get involved unless there is a serious crisis on the simm.

Task Group CO: Will check on the simm from time to time. Normally does not get involved unless there is an issue that cannot be handled by the Simm CO.

Commanding Officer: Overall commander of the ship and Simm as a whole. Will be involved in day to day issues in regards to the sim.

Executive Officer: Second in command of the ship and Simm. Will be involved in all day to day operations and issues in regards to the sim.

(Special circumstances)
JAG: Will only be involved if there is a disagreement on the decision of the Command Staff in the dispute process. Or if an infraction of a player warrants the attention of the JAG office.