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Welcome to the USS Armageddon, a Normandy-class cruiser. We are a part of Obsidian Fleet Taskforce 47 "The Avengers". Assigned to Task Group 47b "The Minutemen".

Our larger vessel undertakes more hazardous missions that the smaller vessels in the fleet aren't equipped to handle. Everything from larger escort and scouting/recon missions to full on military roles should such be needed.

The year is 2394. The USS Armageddon is heading out on its first mission with a new crew. It is being sent into the far northern reaches of the quadrant. North of the Romulan border. Its only link with the rest of the Federation will be Deep Space 5. It will be between the Kzin Patriarchy and the Typhon Expanse for now.

I am Cmdr. Sular Vivano and I welcome and invite you to join our austere crew.

Latest News Items

» Updates and apologies

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 @ 1:59am by Commander Sular Vivano in General News

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a bit since any of you have seen or heard from me. The reason being is that I've been in the hospital after having had a major heart attack. In fact I'm still in the hospital just on my phone.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to contact you all sooner but that was impossible as the Dr has only just now allowed me to even have my cell phone in the room with me. He's taking the whole stress issue very seriously.

As such however I'm back now at least for a small portion of each day.

I will try to see what can be done and to get the sim moving again. Thank you all for sticking it out and staying. I greatly appreciate it and all of you.

Your CO,

Sular Vivano

» Time to kick in the warp drive

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 8:31am by Commander Sular Vivano in Sim Announcement

Alright, ladies and gents. We have enough people to get the mission started. I'm giving everyone 1 week to do their check-ins with the CO and XO before we get started off on our first mission. We are heading north..north of the Romulan Empire border between the Kzin Patriarchy and the Typhon Expanse. There is sure to be a lot to do up there as that region has never been fully explored. So hold onto your seats because it's about to get interesting.

Cmdr Sular Vivano
Commanding Officer
USS Armageddon

» All Aboard!

Posted on Sat Dec 10th, 2016 @ 11:32pm by Commander Sular Vivano in Sim Announcement

USS Armageddon prepares for launch.

At the latest Star Fleet press conference it was announced key vessels that had been in dry dock since the end of the Dominion War would be being brought back into active duty. One of these vessels being the Normandy Class vessel the USS Armageddon will be soon leaving Utopia Planitia Starfleet Yards orbiting Mars. This large warship has on broad SFMC 2nd Recon Battalion Bravo Company and 8th Special Operations Starfighter Wing which is made up of Razors, Broadswords, Valkyries, and Peregrine fighters.

This class of ship which is primarily seeing service in the Obsidian Fleet is the same Normandy -class dreadnoughts off the early 2300’s. Updated with her complement of Marines and fighters it is able to pack a punch and deliver combat support to any corner of known space.

The USS Armageddon is completing its final testing and awaiting for the last of the crew to arrive. Although Starfleet is keeping tight-lipped about her destination most of the observers believe it will be heading to Task force 47 and Camp Falkirk. However, whatever the future holds for the Armageddon and her crew they will be expected to meet it with Audacia et Fortitudo (Strength and Courage).

Latest Mission Posts

» Increments of Motion Pt 2

Mission: Wildspace
Posted on Mon Jun 19th, 2017 @ 1:43am by Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama & Commander Sular Vivano & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD & 1st Lieutenant Sy'ren Kejal & Ensign Jacob McCall ENS & Ensign Kollin Igh

Sular sat in his chair in the briefing room his mind whirling with thoughts. While the Romulans were protective of their boundaries they never made subtle threats like this. Nor did they travel so far out of their borders to do so. Either the Romulans were getting jumpier than usual…

» Increments of Motion Pt 1

Mission: Wildspace
Posted on Thu May 11th, 2017 @ 11:48pm by Commander Sular Vivano & Lieutenant JG Christopher Evans & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD & Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama & Ensign Jacob McCall ENS & Ensign Kollin Igh

Sular walked out of his ready room and onto the bridge. He knew they were nearing Deep Space Five. They were carrying supplies for the station as it would be their first stop on their way to the Typhon Expanse and this would be their area of operation for the…

» Later with the naming thing

Mission: Shakedown
Posted on Thu May 4th, 2017 @ 2:43pm by Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama & Lieutenant JG Kettly Duvalier

When the door chime sounded, Duvalier rose to her feet and took a deep breath. She knew who it was based on the time. When she'd sent the message to Lt. Akayama, she'd half-expected a message back since the ship had been a bustling hotbed of activity, so she was…

» Timekiller

Mission: Wildspace
Posted on Fri Apr 7th, 2017 @ 5:21am by 1st Lieutenant Sy'ren Kejal & Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD

It was 11 AM, and Ksawery was sitting in his office going through the data from the last night simulation... And he stood by it. Additional precautions would have to be made, but after a good night sleep - he came up with the simplest idea. One would have to…

» Body and Mind

Mission: Wildspace
Posted on Tue Mar 28th, 2017 @ 12:28pm by Lieutenant JG Philip Hunter & Lieutenant JG Kettly Duvalier

Physicians and psychiatrists had always had an uneasy relationship since their respective positions emerged in the 20th century. Physicians tended to accuse psychiatrists of wasting time trying to talk through problems solved more simply through medication, whereas psychiatrists saw physicians as dismissive of mental health.

Philip Hunter had learned the…

Latest Personal Logs

» Getting to know the ship and crew

Posted on Wed Mar 8th, 2017 @ 11:16am by 1st Lieutenant Sy'ren Kejal

Kejal arranged a few mementos in his office. When he finished he looked around and thought it looked too cluttered, so he rearranged it all in a manner more becoming a Marine CO. He reviewed the mission briefing details and began to make a list of tactical scenarios to work…

» Chief Science Officers Log stardate 70074.0

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 9:38pm by Lieutenant JG Ksawery (Xavier) Wilczyński PhD

Ksawery Wilczyński reporting in. I have boarded the USS Armagedon, and as of 0800 hours I am assuming my position as Chief Science Officer.

I have no knowledge of our future mission, and science crews are anticipating with certain aura of excitement... I cannot blame them... However there is a…